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Canon EOS Rebel XT (350D)

Review Date: Mar 9, 2007 Recommend? yes | Price paid: $399.00 | Rating: 9 


I feel I should point out to any newbie's or people looking into this camera to ignore the very "personal" standpoints about this camera that "Jo Gallagher" has posted. Not meaning to pick a fight and I mean no personal insult but the "review" is very negatively biased toward what sounds like a 20D or 30D should have been purchased.

I'm used to large body cameras, from my film days of the EOS 5 (A2e) to my 10D with battery grip, to my 1D series cameras, I've always gone for the large camera body. but now I'm stealth and no one knows I'm a local Pro when I carry around my Rebel. Which means I can go where I once coulden't with my high end equipment.

This is an excellent camera and I bought it for its small size and small price so I can keep it in my car and not worry about it. All in all I built a "travel" kit for it including Expedition 3 backpack and lenses I need and it comes with me whenever I go hiking, as well as travel.

The fact that you can't the difference between the pictures taken with this camera or a 20D say a lot about overall "picture" quality. If you want to complain about the body being plastic, go buy it's bigger brothers. The cheap price comes with these little quirks.

If you're a budding photographer, or just want something a lot better than point and shoots but don't want to absorb the cost of the higher end cameras, this is a perfect choice.

I have been shooting for 16 years, I have a 1Ds MK2, 1D MK2 (soon to have the MK3) and a Expedition 8 filled with select large f/stop primes and I can still say I love this camera (350D) and I use it more than my pro equipment (cause I always have it with me) and if there's something in particular I need to shoot, I plan it out and bring out the big guns. I consider this a great camera, for what it offers at the price, the build quality can't be compared with its bigger brothers, but the picture quality sure can! I use the pictures for art gallery work.