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Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8G ED NIKKOR AF-S

Review Date: May 2, 2009 Recommend? yes | Price paid: Not Indicated | Rating: 8 

Pros: -Very sharp, pefectly usable at F2.8. Fast focus, good build quality
-Lens shadow visible when used at wideangle with the D700 popup flash (goes away at 35mm) Why does this lens extend when going wide? -Got some moisture in front element. That part could easily have been better sealed! -Lubricants malfunctioned one day, causing very stiff zooming (went away in a day or 2, probably caused by moisturous environment) -Quite big! -Expensive!

This lens is very good. It has the best sharpness @ F2.8 I have ever seen in a zoomlens, it has fast & accurate focus and has little vignetting.

Build quality is good / very good, but the front element could have been better sealed. Mine got a little moisture there which could have been prevented, if of course I didnt place it lens down in a backpack that had water in the bottom, but could also have been prevented if Nikon just sealed the front part. Still it IS a 1450 euro lens, so why not add one more seal for that price?

Also it appeared that the lubricants inside the lens got too dry or something when I used it in a moisture environment one day. When I was pointing up and going to 24mm, the lens got really stiff and almost felt like it got stuck! Don't really know what happened. Probably a moisturous environment caused the lubricants to stop working correctly because after two days in a hotelroom everyting was normal again.

This lens is THE lens for the D700 and indeed works great. It's really too bad the popup flash casts a shadow when you use it at the 24-35mm range. For some reason the lens extends when going wide!?

This is a very good lens, but for the price I paid I expected no flash block at wideangle, better sealing at front and no weird stiffness because I used it one day in a moisturous environment.

Sigma 24-60mm f2.8 EX DG Lens

Review Date: Feb 14, 2009 Recommend? yes | Price paid: $250.00 | Rating: 8 

Pros: Price! Decent built quality. Constant f2.8. Relatively small.
Soft in the corners at f2.8, and left considerably softer than right side of image.

This lens is the cheap alternative for the popular (but expensive) Nikkor 24-70. The Nikkor costs about 1400 euro's and this lens goes for about 250!

So what do you get for for 1400? Or what do you don't get for 250?

This Sigma lens misses 10mm at the tele end of its range compared to the Nikkor. So it's a bit limited on the tele end with only a max of 60mm. However, I dont think its a problem.

This Sigma is pretty well built. Not the same quality as the Nikkor, but this lens doesn't feel plasticy! Also this lens is rather compact and balances very nicely on a D700.

Autofocus isn't as lightning fast as the Nikkor, but it focusses fast and accurate. I had no front- or backfocus issues whatsoever. It has no internal AF-S, but on a Nikon D700 this lens has no problem getting a lock.

Image quality: It's just okay considering the price. I mean, this is a constant aperture f2.8 lens, so that's also an aperture I plan to use now and then. However, on 24mm f2.8 you get quite a bit softening near the edges.

But how bad is this compared to the 1400 euro Nikkor 24-70? I went to the store and made almost identical pictures at 24mm f2.8 with these two lenses to test this out.



This is all at 24mm 2.8 where lenses are on their worst. My quick conclusions:
-Almost the same sharpness in the center (nikkor is better though)
-Nikkor quite a bit sharper on the edges, but if you just compare the right side the gap is much smaller! (the sigma is sharper on the right compared to the left - is this fixable?)
-Nikkor has less vignetting. Sigma's vignetting goes away at F5 and higher.

So in the end, for the price paid, this is quite a good lens. However, make sure you test your copy so it doens't front- or backfocusses. And if your copy is evenly sharp as mine is on the right, I would rate this lens excellent!!