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Nikon D1

Review Date: Jun 30, 2006 Recommend? yes | Price paid: $200.00 | Rating: 7 

Pros: Built like a tank. 4.5 FPS. "Pro" Body. Cheap! Paid around $200 for the body and all accessories. Decent buffer size. 10 RAW is a little small, 21 JPEG is good. Weather sealed (?).
High ISO Noise. 2.7MP sensor is unforgiving, your must frame the shot perfectly. Rubber not that good. Power Hog. Single shot mode is almost completely useless. Slow CF card read/write speeds.

After all is said and done, I paid about $200 for the body. $260 if you count the 2 extra aftermarket batteries I bought.

As I said, the 2.7MP sensor is unforgiving. If you want to make decent sized prints (~ 8x10) Plan to not do any cropping during post processing.

The Single shot mode is completely useless for anything other than completely static shots like product shots, or landscapes. Stick to continuous, with it at the full 4.5FPS, or set at 1 or 2 FPS via CF 25.

High ISO noise is bad. Anything above 800 has banding. I learned that the hard way.

In retrospect, if you have the money, try to get a D1H, or even a D1X, the H will give you better higher ISO noise, while the C will give you the resolution. If only Nikon made a D2 (no X or H) that was cheap.

The CF card read and write speeds are just...bad. For high volume shooting, be sure to use JPEG and not RAW, because they are smaller, so they write faster, not to mention the buffer can hold 11 more JPEG than RAW.

I'm a little unsure on the weather sealing. And I'm even more unsure with the Nikkors. I was out shooting last weekend in a light but steady rain, and the camera got a good soaking after being out of the bag for more than 2 minutes. I would have been a lot more confident if I knew whether or not the lenses I was using were weather sealed (28-70 I'm almost positive isn't, I have NO idea about the 80-200 2.8). But back on topic: The camera got a good soaking, and I just kept wiping it off with a rag. A week later and its still going strong, so there are at least some seals. (Note: I DO have all the rubber caps that are commonly lost: PC sync, 10-Pin, I/O port cover)