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Canon EOS 1D Mark IV

Review Date: Jan 7, 2010 Recommend? yes | Price paid: $5,000.00 | Rating: 10 

Movie Mode button would be nice.

[marker]Tracking subjects:[/marker]

When tracking birds it seems to be holding its own when it comes to locking onto a subject and keeping it in some of the more contrasty conditions, where as the M3 would hunt and loose its pray when the subject was at a distance. I did a test of a 22 shot burst of a car driving at me at approximately 50mph in a little over a 2 second time frame almost every frame was in acceptable focus. The first time out with my M4 I had not took the time to adjust my 500mm using the lens alignment, I found that my 500mm with or without the 1.4 needed about +10 to push the focus back to the correct spot it needed to be. I believe my M3 was at +5.

[marker]Static shots:[/marker]

I'll start right out saying.. I know your not supposed to shoot static subjects using AiServo but I always have in the past with my M3. Using the M4 there is a slight difference when viewing the subject through the lens, you can see and hear the lens hunting slightly more then with the M3.. coincidentally, I believe the keeper rate was very high and was right up there and maybe better than the M3 after its latest fixes. Next time I'm going to use the lens button on the 500mm to switch to One shot mode. Smile

[marker]Movie mode:[/marker]

The video is a bit awkward to use, you have to set it up in the menu to use the LV, then activate using the "FEL" button. I took a few short movies inside the house and they looked very impressive.


The camera feels much like the M3 in many ways, very easy to adapt to the controls since they are virtually identical to the M3.

[marker]Processing of images:[/marker]

We've been using Digital Photo Professional to process our images from Raw, I noticed when using Lightroom or ACR the images would get a slight color shift in them showing bleed of magenta and cyan in the bokeh areas. DPP seems to either fix this problem or does a better job with the Raw files. I shot some JPEGs and they looked fine in this area so I'm guessing that LR or ACR is the culprit of this... I can post samples showing this if anyone is interested.

Its a learning experience getting used to 100% with a higher Megapixel camera, but the images seem to have a softer feel too them at 100%. I guess this is normal and my brother who has a 5D II said it was hard to get used to this when he started working with his 5D MarkII.

High ISO is amazing, even up to 6400 ISO when proper exposure it can be cleaned up with very little NW applied.

Hope this helps some of you.