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Nikon D100

Review Date: Jun 1, 2006 Recommend? no | Price paid: $1,800.00 | Rating: 3 

Pros: Long Battery Life Light Weight It can use Nikon Glass
-Soft Focus, Back Focus, Inability to focus -WB is crap shoot at best, inability to do Tungsten lighting in Auto WB -Noise at higher ISO -200 ISO is the lowest speed available

I know I'm going to get it for attacking this sacred cow. First the good... battery life exceptional. I would routinly get 1000 shots per charge (if you don't use the built in flash too much). The camera is very light weight and ergonomically one of the easiest to hold and operate that I've yet seen. Canon could learn a bit here. OK that about covers it. Image quality is not bad if you don't rely on the auto WB. I can't quite explain it but just about everything shot outside would end up with a blue cast. Inside was a complete waste of time because auto WB would only start working at 4000K... pretty much useless under tungsten conditions. Even when using the the incandecent lighting selection on the manual WB it would still be too warm. The saving grace here is the "pre" position with which you could set your white balance by shooting a grey card and I must admit when using this method WB was smack on every time, but it is extremly cumbersome especially shooting outside where colour temp can change constantly. The WB issues I could even live with but what I found more fustrating than anything was the miserable, intolerable, and abismal CAM 900 focusing unit. What an unadulterated piece of garbage. If you got a truely sharp image out of this thing then either it was a fluke or the camera focused incorrectly. This one short fall jaded me against Nikon cameras for all time. The Fuji S2, Nikon D70 (not the D70s) use the same focusing unit and none of these cameras that I've tried have been any better than the original D100. Don't get me wrong I absolutly love the Nikon glass and am of the opinion that Nikon DX digital only glass is much better than Canons EF-S digital only glass, but it is sad that they had attach such fine lenses to a lump as usless as the D100. I finally gave up on Nikon as a result of this camera. Sure the D2X was available but I wasn't going to take a chance that the $5500 camera could focus no better than the $1800 one. Sadly the D200, which seems to have most of my complaints fixed, arrived too late. I ran off with that sweet little unit with the great big white lenses and haven't looked back. I do miss that 10.5 fisheye sometimes though. sniff.