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Nikon D800

Review Date: Jan 5, 2016 Recommend? yes | Price paid: $2,300.00 | Rating: 8 

Pros: sensor quality, handling, software (menu, features, etc.)
noisy mirror, AF point distribution (although very fast and precise)

The sensor is way better than every other in the market.
The dynamic in low light and high sensitivity is outstanding, and the noise is never an issue.
It's less prone to collect dirty than the D700.

The ergonomy is sightly better than in the D700, and the noise while shooting is (unfortunately) about the same. The "quiet" feature doesn't help, only slow down the camera.
I like very much the "new" disposition of some commands, like the AF dial.

The general features are a great improvement, with the AutoISO finally useful as well as some other features (the double virtual horizon, 1.2X crop...).

The real issue is still the AF point distribution, covering no more than the DX format, but when well tuned the AF is very fast and precise (one of the two D800 I have needed a fine tuning at Nikon service, done under warranty).

The camera is rather slow, and needs a couple of fast card because of the big RAW files, but it's something one must know before purchase the D800.

What is really too much underestimate around the web, in my opinion, is the risk of blurred images due to the extremely high definition.
Forget the "easyness" of the D3/D700: this camera is hyper definited... and every minimal movement during the exposition is never forgiven.

But after few time of use, I find the D800 the perfect replacement for the D700 on street photography.
...And even better, looking at the low light rendition.

I never use the video feature, neither the Live View or the JPG on camera, so I have no opinion about that.

My lenses range from some old AFD (105/2DC, 20/2.8, 16/2.8 FishEye) to some newer G lenses (24-70G, 50/1.4G, Sigma 150/2.8), and I haven't seen any defect on top of what was with every other camera.
The extra definition doesn't degrade any lens performance.

I absolutely don't reccommend this camera to everybody.
Only who know very well how to use such a great definition (and own the better lenses in the market at least for the most used focals...) should purchase this camera.
For all the others the D700 is still a great camera, the D600 is better than expected (I own one D800 and one D600, now), and the D800 is only a waste of SD and CF cards. |