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Nikon D750

Review Date: Aug 15, 2015 Recommend? yes | Price paid: $1,999.00 | Rating: 9 

Pros: Light weight, focus ability, Image quality, fps and articulating lcd.
a bit slow for buffer to clear

I've had the D750 for a few weeks with 300 shots or more now. I read many reviews before purchasing. In spite of the price drop I really didn't want to pay almost two grand especially when I could get a refurbished D610 for $1,200. Which I did purchase about six weeks ago. Well the third time I took the D610 out, it's almost refurbished state made itself apparent with some strange behavior and I sent it back after 3 weeks. I begrudging purchased the D750 the same day I got back with the D610's quirky behavior. I have now over 300 actuations and have used it numerous times. Many things about the D750 were apparent immediately with its first use. The weight was close to the D610 but its weight seemed a bit shifted from the D610, not a bad thing but immediately apparent. The grip as well was immediately apparent and took me a few times to get accustomed but I do enjoy the deeper grip over the D610 now. The 51 focus points compared to the 39 of the D610 was also apparent after only a few shots. It reminded me of when I switched from Nikons D7000 and 39 focus points to the D7100 and its 51 focus points. It doesn't seem like a huge difference but the exposures where better and the quickness of focusing was also very apparent. The ability to bracket with more than 3 exposures, faster fps, pull out LCD for lower shots and the all-around improved ability of the D750 has made it a wise choice for me. And I know I haven't even gotten into all the new features this camera provides yet. I have had the D800 before as well which was a very solid camera but I don't feel I need the extra pixels, the weight and extra thousand dollars are also just not worth purchasing a D810 plus the noise was more apparent at lower ISO's then the D750. This D750 is a camera I should have around for a long time.
One more topic I wanted to bring up. The choice between the D7200 and the D750. I have had the D7100 but never the D7200. My thought is all the 24mp cameras that Nikon or Sony have brought out are never going to be noise free above 500 ISO. I have used the D5500, D5300 and the D7100. I have the misfortune of being very particular when it comes to noise in an image. And I personally don't find any of Nikons 24MP cropped sensor camera's acceptable as soon as they reach ISO 400- 500. I have looked at these three cameras again and again up close with different ISOs and when they approach 400-500 ISO mark, noise is going to start to detract from the acuity the 24MP provides. It's unavoidable and not acceptable for my taste and photography. I am sure this offends those shooting one of these 24MP cropped sensor cameras. Thatís not my intention but just what I personally perceive myself. Years ago I went from my beloved D7000 to the new D7100 and the noise level was the same back then and in my eyes it hasn't improved much in the D5300 or the D5500. And from what I have seen the D5500 image quality is reportedly very close to the D7200. I shoot raw by the way. It's something that has bothered me since the D7100 has come out and Sony has crammed all those pixels onto the cropped sensor. I kept thinking after the D7100, the technology would get better and the noise would drop down substantially but in my eyes it hasn't been much of an improvement and that alone has pushed me over to Nikons' full frame cameras which are amazing when it comes to the noise floor. If you disagree please don't get mad at me it's just my perception. I am sure there are many many Nikon 24MP camera owners that have no issues with the IQ or noise. Concerning Nikons D750, itís a very good camera with a lot of great qualities and its IQ being fantastic!