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Sony Sony A7II

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Even though I have had the new Sony A7II for a brief time I thought I could add a few comments in comparison to the Olympus EM-1 which we use for our small business. First, Olympus builds an excellent product and stands behind their products very well.
Comparing the build between the Sony and Olympus I must give the Sony A7II a notch above the Olympus even though the Olympus I would rate as excellent. Not sure how the weather sealing would compare but know the Olympus is very good.I am currently using the A7II with the new Zeiss Loxia 50mm f/2.0. This is one beautifully crafted combination and truly boasts high quality. It just feels like a solid brick, not too heavy but very good! The battery life of the SonyA7 II is known for its shortness but I don't think it is much shorter than the Olympus. I actually prefer the menu system better in the Sony but know this is purely a preference.
Where I find is a difference is the image quality. I have used Canon full frame cameras before the Olympus and in my eyes there is some "different" between the image from a cropped camera/four thirds vs a full frame camera. This is an opinion only but something is just there.
Since I am using the Zeiss Loxia manual focus lens I can't yet compare focusing but would say the Olympus was fast an accurate. (Considerably better that the Canon 5D II I once owned.) Being able to slightly rotate the focus ring on the Loxia and then get an instant magnified image on the Sony A7II makes it extremely easy to focus with pin accuracy which makes it a very enjoyable experience. Thank you Sony and Zeiss Loxia for such a fine product combination!