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Sony a6300

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I have been using the a6300 for a couple of months, coming from a Nikon D7000. So far, I must say that I am impressed. These are my observations:

1. ERGONOMICS. Once set up, I find the a6300 faster to use. For example, I can quickly adjust exposure on the rear deal, which is easier than holding a button while turning the wheel on the D7000. Admittedly, the menu system is not that logical, though one must take into account the fact that the Sony has so many options. The two custom banks are very helpful, even though they don't allow you to save all settings. As a side note, it would be nice, if all manufacturers would allow you to customize the scene settings! The D7000 feels better in your hand, but I guess that is the price for going with a smaller system.

2. IQ. The IQ appears a notch better than the D7000, though I would definitely not switch to the a6300 for just that reason. Upping the mega pixels didn't kills the IQ, and the sensor is quite good in low light.

3. FOCUS. The AF system is miles ahead of the D7000. While not perfect - e.g., it has a preference for objects closer to the camera, it is quite confidence inspiring.

4. VIDEO. The 4K video is jaw dropping. The amount of detail is amazing, when viewed on the iPad Pro. I have an older HD Canon Vixia camcorder, and its footage appears muddled in comparison - colors are weak and the footage is not sharp. The 4K is so good that it allows you to crop the footage. Bought a Roland binaural microphone, which works amazingly well (just shield it from wind noise).

5. SIZE. The size of the a6300 does make a difference. Not just when carying the camera or packing it in a bag. It is simply not as intrusive as a DSLR - people around you just react differently. That translates into better pictures.

6. BUILD. I find the build of the a6000 somewhat cheap. In comparison the a6300 feels sturdy, like a semi-professional DSLR or premium product. it is like night and day.

7. LENSES. The kit lens is really good, spanning a useful range (16-50). The colors are great, but the lens is not sharp in the corners, wide angle, and there is quite some distortion going on. Things you won't notice when taking normal photos. The fact that this is a pancake lens means you can put it in your coat pocket, and many people will mistake it for a point-and-shoot (good thing).

When shifting to Sony, I acquired two Sony/Zeiss lenses, the 55mm 1.8 and the 35mm 2.8. These lenses are brilliant. They are ultra sharp, have fantastic color, and are small. To sex things up, I added the Fotodiox rectangular lens hood. Have an Annie Barton strap on order. This is looking good.

All in all, I have to say this is one of the best electronics purchases I have ever made.