Manual Focus Nikon Glass

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Samy, thanks for taking the time to go through so many pages! Will try to catch up later.

leighton w
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Things are starting to get busy around here, so not much time to remark on all the great images. I've worn the like button out! I'll blab a little today since it's Sunday.

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Wow.... go away for a weekend and this thread gets right out of hand!! I'm going to have to cut back on work to keep up with you lot.... Lots to like since my last login once again... My wife and I took the 4 wheel drive down to a National Park to check out the Conto Cliffs and the stingrays that hang around Hamelin Bay. Here are a few captures...

This is the coastal path down to Conto Springs Beach. The limestone cliffs rise up behind the beach.

DSC_8068 by dhamments2013, on Flickr

At Hamelin Bay, 15 minutes further down the coast, stingrays routinely come into the beach to get fed by the locals...

DSC_8033 by dhamments2013, on Flickr

The old jetty at Hamelin Bay is a popular spot for capturing the sunset (already done, alas not with manual focus glass)...

DSC_8021 by dhamments2013, on Flickr

The trail across the top of Conto Cliffs is very rugged (my wife won't walk it due to the venomous snakes in the region)...

DSC_7962 by dhamments2013, on Flickr

I'm still finding the 28 2.8 ais to be my favourite of the 4 MF lenses I've collected so far. Four more coming tomorrow!

Cheers and good light!

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David, don't cut back on work. You will need the money to fund ongoing purchases of these manal lenses And a wonderful image of the stingray. Had never heard of them being so tame.

leighton w
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Nice set David, I like the Stingray and the last one best. When I first got my 28mm from Reagan I didn't use it much. It's one of those thing where the more I use it the more I like it.

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Andy All that lead in the air makes me feel safe.

Ken Nice demo of the new zoom.

Bert Very nice muted colors and excellent composition.

Ram Small world, isn't it!

Samy Nice views of Baltimore.

Rafael Delicious rust!

John Nice blues in that passing ferry shot.

Peter The water drop series are a delight, nice strong tones

Buddy Nice job on those foreboding looking streets.

D800 55mm f/1.2


Ken Hill
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Great day for more photo's ...

Ray the long exposure is pure photography. I saw the same thing you did and you created a fantastic image!

Raphael, I learned something from your photos. In making the desert come alive you used the blue and the oranges to do that. I could never quite put my finger on what I liked about some stuff I've shot until I saw that. My C6 should be ready Tuesday! When we took it home for a trial there was a noise that sounded like a bad throw out bearing when hot. That couldn't be on an A6 and the C6 forums say it is "a torque tube rattle" that is pretty common. The dealer diagnosed it as that as is putting in a new torque converter. Lastly, someone taught the young man to shoot, modified weaver and properly shouldered rifle.

Ram, what can I say about your pano here and Toronto. You make me feel like Fred Flintstone! I really marvel at you work!

Samy making a museum come alive is a hard thing to do. Nice angles and topics tell the story. Thanks for the compliments and "cautions" about the rail yards. I get away with a lot using digital. Unlike film you can shoot many frames with the camera on the deck/rails and a thumb over the eye piece. Pre-focusing the MF lens is essential and something good usually comes out of a couple a dozen shots. Low to the ground but not uncomfortable or hazardous. I started using Hoppes because it is safe for use around rifle scopes (that are pressurized) made of aluminum, plastic, rubber, brass and glass. A dab on a patch on your fingertip and a soft tooth brush and patience does the trick.

Chin the camera and lens repairman I know also told me that the screw heads are not Phillips. Also time and dissimilar metals often create "a weld." He very lightly taps each screw before trying to remove it. Another thing he does is make tools from bamboo which in no way can scratch a lens if he slips.

Buddy you caught my attention with the city shots. Really good work!

David I never thought about feeding a stingray! We scratch their bellies when we dive!

Peter the water is unique and very cool! I guess timing is everything!

John, do you get fog over the water? The ferries are always a beautiful sight.

Jay nice and as always a piece of art.

Leighton, I guess the "winter break" is over ... Can't wait for the market shots! Robin went to ours yesterday I found an excuse not to go!

Contribution of the day is from the files and blue and orange.

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Some more scenes not far from the area the Pratt Street Riot occured.

A couple interesting buildings.

729EastPrattSt_BnW by maryland_photos, on Flickr

Nice architecture and color on this building. The tall structure in the background is the Phoenix Shot Tower. When built, it was the tallest structure in the US. Molten lead used to be dropped through sieves into water, to help shape ammunition for guns and cannons.

ShotTower1 by maryland_photos, on Flickr

A close up of the Shot Tower.

ShotTower2 by maryland_photos, on Flickr

A workshop of some sort. A scene that could have been there during the Civil War period? Minus the mode of transportation.

Workshop by maryland_photos, on Flickr

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Continuing the series, a few more scenes from the area. Still to get to processing the pics of the Katyn memorial and the scenes around it.

A very different mode of transportation from 160 years ago. Wonder what the mode may look like 160 years on from now.

ModeOfTransportation by maryland_photos, on Flickr

BaltimoreSlaveTrade by maryland_photos, on Flickr

StarSpangledBanner by maryland_photos, on Flickr

The national anthem was penned by Francis Scott Key in 1812 after the Battle of Baltimore.

All images were with the 35 f2 OC.

leighton w
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Jay - What color in that Palm.

Ken - Beautiful sunrise/sunset? No telling which seeing as you live in central Florida.

Samy - Thanks for the tour. I've been racking my brain trying to remember which street my grandparents lived on.

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David: Beautiful scene, brings back a lot of travel memories for me. My brother, wife and I once trudged up barefoot from the beach back to our tent, north WA, off Quobba. It was dark, past sunset, and I handed my brother the tripod and told him to watch out for snakes in the low bushes. All of a sudden he stopped, the rest of us bumping in back-to-back like Larry, Curly and Moe. The whites of his eyes showing in the darkness as he stage whispered, I think I saw something slither across the trail. We shouted then ran as quick as we could, goose-stepping all the way up.

That's wonderful Jay. I love the colours and the background just seem like rays shooting out

Samy: Probably a stretch stretch stretch stretch stretch humvee limo

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Okay, the thread was at the last page just a few hours ago
I left the browser window open, but was too tired after prepping, coaxing the model, taking the shot, and editing the files.
Didn't expect it to move so fast!


Shot in high-key style with two gelled SB-R200s in the rice cooker along with her box of treats!

D700 + 45 PCE

short grain by Zichar, on Flickr

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Leighton, if you can remember your grandparents street, I will make it a point to go there a take a couple pics

Chin, such a delightful pic of your dog cooking short grain rice.

Last few from the series from the walk around Baltimore. After this I switched to the S2 and will have to wait and see the results once the film is developed.

First Mo's Fisherman's wharf with the 35 2 OC. Another time I have to go into the market to take some pics, and then try the food!

MosWharf by maryland_photos, on Flickr

The Katyn Memorial in Baltimore, where President Street coming from downtown meets Aliceanna street, which heads out into the historic Fells Point waterfront district. Also with the 35 OC.

KatynMemorial1 by maryland_photos, on Flickr

Katyn forest, near Smolensk in Russia, was where nearly 22,000 captured Polish officers were massacred under orders of Stalin in 1940. Interesting and recent further tragedy was the Polish president and his entourage died on their way to the 70th anniversary commemoration in 2010. Their aircraft crashed on approach to Smolensk. Memorials to the 1940 massacre have been built worldwide including the one in Baltimore.

A close up of the memorial with the 135 f2 AI

KatynMemorial2 by maryland_photos, on Flickr

The memorial is built on a circle at the intersection of President and Aliceanna streets. One of the scenes taken from the circle, also with the 135 f2 AI.

LandmarkTheaters by maryland_photos, on Flickr

For anyone interested in reading up more on the memorial, here's a web link.

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Here's one for a Sunday morning. Will try to get back later for some comments and likes. Have a great day!

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Thanks for all of the comments and likes. Gregg I used the railing to steady the camera but a tripod would have been better

Bert great shots from L.A. I especially like the James Dean with Hollywood in the background - Excellent framing!

Rafael very interesting photos from the desert. I really love the fire photo! I absolutely love your work with the 55mm 1.2. You really can make it sing.

Ram you come up with the coolest ideas. This 360@ photo is amazing!

Samy I love your around town photos. It's almost like being there. Great variety of subjects. Thanks for taking the time to give a little history along with your great photos.

Peter the water drops are soooo nice I love the colors and timing

Buddy great shots around town after hours. Puts me to mind of Don Jeans work

David your shots from Hamelin Bay are really nice. Such a beautiful place!

Jay amazing colors in your photo.

Kens thanks for the comment. Love your beach photo

Chin now that ones just too cute

Jeff you really nailed the pelican photo and very nice B&W conversion to boot!!!


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Here are a few more photos from Hollis Garden in Lakeland using the D600 and my new 135mm F2

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Wonderful 8 pages.

Thanks for sharing.

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Next week I was asked to photograph this event, when I saw the poster I was pleased to see one of my photos on it, the one posted below, could not find a bigger poster size online.

This is 'community service' meaning no charge, do it for the enjoyment, but long events like this can be tiring. Probably just keeping a better photog from making some money. I am likely the only one that does this kind of event with MF lenses, and guess what, 98% of all shots are in perfect focus even with a D800.

Rotary_Mariachi by Rafael CA, on Flickr

nikon nikkor 50mm 1.2 ais D3 viva Mexico by Rafael CA, on Flickr

the solitaire
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Ray, I like that first photograph a lot. Well spotted

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Very nice series David, I like the first and the last most.

I like the 28mm f/2.8 AIS too, I use it mainly for close-up pictures like these.

4200x2800 Resized

4200x2800 Crop

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