Lisa- new techniques

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Andrew Welsh
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Shot a portrait session with someone who was a guest at one of my weddings last year to try out some new lighting and photo techniques. My ultimate goal is to incorporate aspects from this shoot into portrait sessions and weddings. Looking for some C&C.

Strobe stuff






Natural light stuff (forgot reflector, intended to use it)


9 (next 2 were strobed bare)





15 bokeh panorama (aka "Brenzier method" on Flickr), 45 images, 200mm f/2L IS, simulates the FOV of a ~50mm f/0.4 (or smaller)

16 IR- notice her shirt has no pattern anymore!

17 IR

18 stitch of 2 images, 200/2

19 bokeh panorama (aka "Brenzier method" on Flickr), 32 images, 200mm f/2L IS @ f/2

20 more 200/2L

21 bokeh panorama (aka "Brenzier method" on Flickr), 25 images, 35L @ f/1.4 not sure what this is equivalent to, FOV-wise, probably 16mm f/0.something.

Tom K.
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Those photographs are glorious.

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The PP, technique, and just about everything about these images are truly top notch and *far* better than most working pros could pull off.

Seems like tons of work that really paid off based on the results.

Only thing, with the close ups, her complexion could really benefit from a few clicks of spot healing...


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Really lovely work! I especially like 13; it's very evocative.
11, not so much. I find her shirt distracting and it doesn't do justice to her eyes.
The first 4 have great potential. Have you tried under exposing the background more?


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Really beautiful work. I think you nailed the lighting, especially in the first few where it would be easy to overdo it and have the results look un-natural.

My only suggestiion would be have a close look at 9-11 to see if you can reduce the redness and some of the blemishes.

Todd Adamson
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Very solid. Looks like you are in total control of your lighting and processing techniques.

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Wow great photos!

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Love it!

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WOW! Really nice and good variety as well.

In particular i like: 2, 9, 12, 15 and 19.

The IR shots although interesting don't work IMO unless your going for a post apocalyptic nuclear fall out look.

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Great images. She must be pleased. My favourite of my favourites is #9. Great connection between photographer and model. Cool.

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These are really outstanding, great bokeh, color, contrast, and framing. Don't really care for the PP grain in 13, think it is a bit heavy and takes away from the shot. 21 would be a terrific shot if her face wasn't buried so far into the flowers as to be non-recognizable. Well done.


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1-3 and 15-21 were very provocative, overall very coherent in style and good work.

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Nice watermark.

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Please explain why some of these images need 25, 32, etc images to create?

They look like T/S.

Did she stay still for all of the shots?




Tony Harrell
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Really nice set Andrew.

I seriously dig #15 enough to go research the technique.

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Tony Harrell wrote:
Really nice set Andrew.

I seriously dig #15 enough to go research the technique.


I was like "the who technique??" Real cool look, can't wait to try it although I don't really think I'll have the time or patience (and talent) to get as good a results as Andrews.

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Really nice series of images. She is going to love them. I wanted to pick a favorite but there are so many I really like.

Keep up the great work.

Sergio Mottola
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the first few are really nice light balance

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Good series, I like 4,6,8,11. Excellent experiment in lighting style - should go well for weddings - and a bit different than I have seen as "pro-forma" work that is prevalent in the photojournalistic style. A bit more work in fine details (whatever they are :-) and you will have a good signature style.


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Superb job Andrew.

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