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Welcome to the Non-Official Wedding Resources and Information Thread.

The REAL Resources thread is located in the upper left corner of your current browser screen. It's permanent, and well resourceful!

Hopefully through the help and cooperation of everyone involved we can keep a repository of up-to-date information available for everyone. Catering not only the new photographer starting his first few weddings, but to the seasoned professional who contains wisdom beyond his years.

What equipment do I need?

In my humble opinion a wedding photographer must be prepared for anything. From shooting a dark wedding hall to the brightest of days outside at the country club. Typically this compasses many different brands of cameras and ranges of lenses. General consensus agrees that f2.8 and better lenses from Canon and Nikon are preferred over most. Not only delivering quality, but having not to compromise when the event is taking place is key.

Both Canon and Nikon offer many options for camera and flash systems. These range from the tried and true Canon 20D/30D/40D/5D/1DMarkII/MarkIII/and 1Ds systems to the Nikon D70/D70s/D200/D300/ and D3 systems.

Combined together with the best lenses one can afford one can go wrong with either system now. In the past, there were greater advantages. (Opinions may disagree ) Above all this is the belief in backups. Simply put, if you are tackling someone’s wedding for money, show up with more than one quality camera. Accidents DO happen and WILL happen eventually. Everyone has bad days and knowing you're not going to be sued if a camera dies is very encouraging.


Old argument, same answer... offer the best YOU can at the time. If you're a great editor aftwards and want the best range of file quality to offer, then choose RAW. Many a shot or entire wedding has been saved by RAW file mode.

JPEG's are a lossy format, meaning you can and will lose quality if you save over the original time and time again. Many top shooters shoot JPEG mode for speed, effeciency in file handling afterwards and compatibility with slideshow programs, etc.

Compact Flash Cards

Sandisk and Lexar are the top two brands in the world. The ULTRA II and III and now IV brands offer speed, efficiency and time tested quality. If you purchase Ultra III or IV, you receive photo rescue software for free. Lexar too offers quality products at a reasonable rate, along with photo rescue software with their PRO line cards.

Where do I get a fancy custom website?

Big Folio -
BluDomain -
FloSites -
Darkroom -
Flash Palette -
LiveBooks -
Photoidentities -
Tafota -
Winklet -
Creative Motion Design -
PhotoBiz -

Post Production Services

Silverback Imaging and Design -
Balanced Exposure -

Who do I print with?

Professional labs trusted the country over and abroad start with the largest lab in the U.S.

Millers Lab - they also have a consumer site that is open to professional use at a discounted cost in exchange for some customer service (no phone calls, email support only, customers can look up your prices if you mention where you print with).

White House Custom Color -

H&H Color Lab -

There are many others that are worth mentioning, you may find them in the Wedding Resources link at the top of the post. By many opinions, these are three of the best and most trusted.

Who do I use to host and sell photos online?

Pictage -
Exposure Manager -
Insta Proofs -
EOS Template - -
Red Cart -
Pictures Pro -
Pickpic -
Zen Folio -
ZmugMug -

Where to get albums?

There are many different types, coffee-table books, hard backed, leather, fake leather, metal covers, see through covers, press printed, photo flush mount (a favorite now), square/rounded corners, photo cameo covers. So many options, so little time. We'll break it down into groups for now.

In no particular order:

High End Albums Include:

Finao -
Graphi Studio -
Queensberry -
Art Leather -
Picto Book -
Leather Craftsman -
Jorgensen -
La-Vie -
Kiss Wedding Books -
Rag and Bone - * - Consumer pricing is available on the website, but everything is hand made and high end.

Mid-Range Albums Include:

Album Art -
Albums Unlimited -
Zook Book -
White Wedding Album -
Premeria -
Albums Inc -
Black River Imaging ( -
Jones Book -
Vision Art -
The Together Book -
Bound to Last -
Willow Book -
Asuka -
Cypress -

Low Priced Alternatives: (last resort?)

Snapfsh -
My Publisher -
Shared Ink -
Blurb -
Shutterfly -
Lulu -

CD & DVD Products may be found here:

Albums Inc -
American Digital -

What do I charge for a wedding?

This all depends on how long you've shot, what products you deliver, and what market or demographic you are trying to capture. The low end bride will want 4 hours - all day coverage and a DVD of everything for 500.00 bucks. On the other hand many photographers don't even show up until a 3-5,000 dollar fee is paid upfront and THEN albums prices apply. This is a topic that is hotly debated and will continue to be for years and years to come.

My experience in my short time in this business, is to cover you costs and equipment/insurance. Whatever that actually price point may be, many start with 2 1/2 times cost and work up from there. Your mileage may vary. =o)

What if I mess up and someone sues? Insurance to the rescue!

Many use home owners, etc. but there are two firms that specialize in photographers and our equipment. They're known internationally and cover accordingly. Along with all this, they are quite affordable for the available coverage options up to even recreating a wedding to take retakes.

Hill & Usher -
Tom C. Pickard Group -

So you wanna be in Movies?

Moving pictures, aka Movies, aka DVD/Online Slideshow options.

Wanna wow your clients? Try putting their beautiful wedding to music and movement!

ShowIt! Web - (web only)
Pictures To Exe -
ProShow -
PhotoToMovie -

Royalty-free music

Stock20 -
Music Bakery - -
Triple Scoop Music -

(Thanks to John Patrick for the help)

This is but a small slice of professional opinions and ideas that have been expressed not only here but all around the internet. If you are a working professional and have something to contribute please do so, by giving a short personal opinion of the services mentioned. Please include a full name and link to said company or group.

Thank you for your time, I hope these lists and informational links have helped greatly. Here are a few external links that have helped inspire and direct this thread in the right direction.

Corey Polis of Polis Photography and a valued FM member - A HUGE Business resource.

Photo Love Cat - An ever growing photographers resource blog.

Everyone enjoy! Thank you for reading. If it wasn't for I wouldn't have a growing business or be the photographer I am today.

Tim Miller Photography

M Tahir
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Nice work ... much appreciated

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kesava wrote:

Depends upon venue, location, country, demographic.

Beach weddings? Different than a church wedding atire.

Most weddings in America equate professional dress as a suit with or without tie. Later you can lose the jacket if needed.

Same goes for ladies... nice blouse, a set of pearls perhaps... flats if you want comfort, heels if you wanna look good on the job, a nice black fitted or tailored trouser works well, as you can move easily in it.

I used to work retail fashion as well as photography now.


Tim Miller Photography

Daniel K
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Good subject, I must look into these options more thoroughly.

Evan Baines
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Great thread!

I'd personally put KISS up at the high end. I prefer them to Graphi, for one (personal taste here: no flames from Graphi fans ). They certainly make that top category based on price.

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Very nice Tim..Y

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I know this isnt a suppliers thread, however for the Australian camp:


Albums Australia (Melb)
Seldex (Melb)
Jorgensens (Perth)

Coffee Tables
The Edge (Melbourne)

The Edge (Melb)
Lab-X (Melb)
Numark (Melb)

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You could throw up there for fancy websites. I use them and I love it.

Mike Mahoney
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You could also include a section with links to techniques (lighting, posing, etc.). There are several great sites and blogs on those.

Gary Harfield
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Please add to the list of host and selling prints.

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Thank you all for your comments... lighting and tutorials are being worked on and hopefully will be updated soon.

If you have something to add, please do so. The more the merrier!

Tim Miller Photography

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great thread. i was just going to start to look through the Wedding forum (for things like albums and places to print) because a friend asked my to shoot his wedding.

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BTW, thanks for this resource. Its definitely helpful for me as a developing wedding photog and im sure tons of other people will find it useful.
i also came upon your 1dMkII thread on the B/S forums. I wish you the best of luck with everything Tim.


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Thanks Tim - a very convenient consolidation of a lot of info, and very organized (easy to use).


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for gear hire in Melbourne

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*bump* Thanks guys for the votes of confidence. If you really like this, perhaps you can contact the mods, and get this stickied for easier access.

Tim Miller Photography

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TTT for everyone to research

Tim Miller Photography

John Patrick
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Might want to add a section for Slideshow programs:

ShowIt! Web - (web only)
Pictures To Exe -
ProShow -
PhotoToMovie -

Royalty-free music:

Stock20 -

I know there are others for each of those, but I never remember them.


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Has anyone used Printroom before? I didn't see that on the list of hosting/selling photos. Just curious how they are.

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