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Karl Witt
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When Winters' chill sets in I always make a point to head to my favorite Greenhouse for some indoor floral refreshment. My Dad used to take me here when I was very young, well I'm not 'very young' now but I have been going every year for most all my life

There was a bit of disappointment from this outing as my flimsy tripod did not do a good job at the slow shutter speeds needed on this low light day so there were very few keepers from my 5hr visit However a few will have to be good enough and lessened learned for me
Images shot with my trusty ole cheapie ($125) Tamron 70-300 zoom that has a 1:2 macro mode in the 180-300mm range.

I hope you enjoy the colors, here are a few and there will be a a second group to come later (can't say I didn't warn you)

So a few get well Florals for Conrad, a few for Chad just because he loves flowers too And one for Lil as a welcome back

Your comments are always encouraged and welcomed here!
Thanks for the visit....

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1 and 3 are my picks Karl and I love the First. great use of color


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Excuses, excuses, excuses ..even though none were for me (not that I deserved one) they are a welcome color explosion considering the grey days we've had. I just love to see how you do make it look so easy (it ain't!). Very nice tradition to keep alive...have you done the same with children and grandchildren or do they think you are a dottterin old fool (and you are 3 years younger than I so take that for what it's worth )

Conrad Tan
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Wow............ the first two ALMOST had me running for my macro!! Then I realized I sold it for my 600 Great set Karl!

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The wonderful world of color. Flame on Karl !! Superb set with #2 for me.

Keep up the good work,

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Beautiful shots Karl. I like them all, but the simplicity of the third one really stands out for me


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Beautiful shots Karl,
I really like the Thorn of Christ shot, takes me back to my childhood.
We had one in our rock garden.


Lil Judd
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Very nice Karl

I pick # 3 oh and do you feel any "older" young man

I hope you had a great birthday Karl


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Wow! These are gorgeous! The colors just pull me in. Can't pick a favorite - great work!

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Ewwwww Ahhhhhh Eeeeeeee Blahhhhk!

Pssst! I like 1 and 2 but don't tell anyone


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beauties Karl.. if i was to pick.. it would be #3

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Excellent comp in all Karl, but I'd expect nothing less.
Nice splashes o' color in 1. Not sure if I like the yellow on the left though. It does add a bit of color, but also draws my eyes.
Very precise dof in 2.
Nice and simple with a very complementary bg in 3 - my pick ~ Ron

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#3 for me Karl. Clean and bright with a simple presentation. A very nice photo. #2 is similar in approach, and also pleasing. For me, the BG in #1 competes too much with the flowers, both in terms of color and "closeness". The red tones are visually advancing colors, while the blues are receding colors, so a bit of competition there. If the BG was more diffuse (further back to be more oof perhaps), or toned down/muted a bit, I feel it would help the purples/blues stand out a bit more. Of course, my saying so like a passerby telling Michelangelo a simple whitewash would help the ceiling look big and bright.

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Great series but I really love the BG in the first one. Not bad for a "cheap" lens!

Tim Kuhn
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the first two ALMOST had me running for my macro Yeah like he can run

To be honest, I'm not a big fan of the first. I get the dof play but my brain can't process this one, sorry

Now 2 & 3 are more what I would expect from you, they are classic Karl shots and I love them. Nice job on those buddy


Rob Tillyer
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Colour in the winter, thanks for coming through Karl. The last two for me in this set. The first would benefit from more DOF, maybe from focus stacking. That twisted bloom in and out of focus is just too artsy for me. Keep the colour coming please.


Ted ellis
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Lovey two Karl with #2-3 the standouts.

#1 stunning bg but the dof of the flower on the right takes away from the flower on the left.

#2 another fine looking bg, detail of the front 4- flowers very nice.

#3 love the back ground, color and detail of the flower/image. IMO cropping the bottom a little tighter would help.


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Nice color in the first Karl. Not sure about the flower itself, seems a bit flat perhaps? I really like the thorns of Christ shot. Nice BG and you got the right focus on the blooms. Do you have any that are wider that show the thorns and the contrast of this gnarly plant? The third is my favorite. Clean, simple, great color and that bit of webbing at the base of the flower shows nice detail in the shot!


Gary Lee 44
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You are the Fower Child of FM! Nice shots I oick #2 though it was a hard choice.

Karl Witt
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morris wrote:
1 and 3 are my picks Karl and I love the First. great use of color


Thanks for your picks Morris, glad the color of #1 worked for you.

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