A couple more from Yellowstone in Winter.

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Nigel Turner
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These two images were captured during the past two days in Yellowstone. We've had a great eight days of photography with mixed lighting conditions.

I'll be back in about a week for another eight days and hopefully a whole new set of conditions to contend with!

Thanks for looking.

Heinz H
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Very nice, like #1 the best. Good catch of the winter landscape and solitude with the lone tree. Only suggestion I would have is to brush out the distracting black dots in the hill side in the background.


Sunny Sra
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That 1st one is simply fantastic. beautiful work.

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both are great, I like the first one better.

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Both are great!


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Wonderful shots. Please bring winter weather with you when you return; I'm tired of all of the high 20s and low 30s we've had lately. I'd love to wake up to some sub-zero temps


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That first is next level. Bet it would be sick in b/w too


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Great weather for these Nigel...nicely done. All that commotion in the second is the essence of Yellowstone for me.

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Beautiful images, wonderful simplicity in the first.

Cheers Ray

Mitchell Derr
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Yep. These are really nice. Almost hideously nice.

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I like them both. The simple composition (and the scale of the hills) of the first image is outstanding. (I like the black dots to give a little texture in the hills, but that's just my $0.02.) I really like your composition in the second as well--you caught just the right moment with the steam and the far trees, etc. Very good!


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That first one is just wonderful.

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Beautiful images... #2 has a beautiful atmosphere...

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Both just gorgeous, although I'd lean toward #1. Stunning snowfield, you nailed the WB, and the lone tree creates just the right mood of solitude.


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I'll go for #2.

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Nicely done on the whites. Ah, the lone tree in the Lamar Valley, its just too bad that the exact composition has been beaten to death, but nice execution.

You caught the steam very well in #2, its just that the way its composed makes it feel like its sloping to the left, eventhough it is probably not. I do like how the polarizer gave a nice dark contrasting blue sky tot he rest of the white steam.

Thanks for sharing!

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#1 for me, very nice.

gordon l
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Both are meritorious. 1st one has great style, curves, simplicity.


Fred Miranda
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The first image is my favorite. Simple and powerful.
Thanks for sharing,

Nigel Turner
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Thanks for the comments folks...

denovo2K1.. I didn't use a polarizer, I don't even own one. The high elevation acts as a natural polarizer when the sun is in the right position.


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