Congratulations to Jason Prezant!

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Saw this article on the New York Times website this morning:

My husband actually pointed it out to me, said "Hey, you know this guy?" I said, "No, not really...well, sort of!"

Anyway, super cool article! Congrats!

eric chang
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congrats, Jason!

now post the blog of My wedding!

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Awesome! Did the Times get your permission to use the photos?


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Congratulations Jason. Very nice concept for the wedding. Yeah, agree with DigMeTX, did the nyTimes get permission from client too?

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that's awesome, congrats Jason =D!

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Thanks everyone. I should note that these images are nearly 2 years old, and were picked up again because the ravens are going to the superbowl.

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also to remind everybody, Jeff Mosier was my second photographer for this wedding and I couldn't have done it without him!

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I'm going to tell everyone at the Superbowl party I'm attending that I have a piece of photo gear that was used at that wedding. It will make me feel vicariously important.

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Tom Dix
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Big Congrats Jason!

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big ups and props to JP!

good stuff....

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Congrats Jason!

...too bad they're going to lose.

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stellar, congrats dude. and i gotta agree with ari. you get that bet in? haha

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congrats jason !

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So awesome. Congrats.

Bartlett Pair
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You're the man Jason. They just highlighted your shoot for like 2 minutes on E! News:

Didn't want you to miss this:

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ahhh! I missed it! I wasn't sure when they were going to air it. I'll have to try and catch the replay. Thanks!

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you are my hero Mr. Prezant.

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and just now this shows up on my fb feed

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