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Country: United States

Taken this afternoon from our lower front deck

Registered: Nov 28, 2008
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Country: Canada

That must be a "pet"; you got very close.Nice image in #1; a lovely animal! Don

Registered: Jan 16, 2011
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Country: United States

We live in a very remote area but in spite of my warnings my brides "welfare system" makes them a willing subject. I wouldn't quite call them a pet but they have become a lot more tolerant of us.

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Country: Canada

A couple of nice looking images Bob. Nice to have such critters visit your yard.

binary visions
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Country: United States

The lighting on that first one is pretty spectacular. Nice work.

Lance B
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Country: Australia

Both are superb shots, Bob!

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Such a beautiful animal and great photos to compliment it!

Tim Kuhn
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Gorgeous animal Bob and 2 very nice shots of him


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Good work Bob, It must be wonderful to step out on your deck and be offered such opportunities.

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Wow great subject to photograph, and terrific lighting to work with!

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Beautiful pictures of a beautiful animal. #1 is exceptional in pose, lighting, and composition. Nicely done!

Dennis B.

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Thank you for your compliments. Very fortunate to have the lighting make the background of the river work.

Rob Tillyer
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Beautiful shots of a beautiful animal Bob. The saturation looks a little strong for my taste. Wonderful light you are getting this winter.


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Thanks for you input about the saturation. I went back and forth on that in the PP and it seems like I ended up at the point where I backed it off any it looked flat and if I went the other way it looked over saturated. What I used for a tie breaker was PSE11's auto enhance feature. I left it where the auto feature put it but it may boil down to individual taste where no one is wrong.
The light was great yesterday and we are now at the point where the amount really starts to snowball.

Conrad Tan
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Very nice couple of photographs

David Leask
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Nice pair Bob, well captured

Lil Judd
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Wonderful job Bob

what a willing subject - - most know you feed him somehow

Well captured


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Super work Bob!


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great job on the fox Bob

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