Soft light Snowy Owls (4)

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Tim Kuhn
Registered: Nov 29, 2006
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The first 3 are from last week and the last is from yesterday. I just couldn't resist the 6 hour round trip drive, the 4+ mile round trip hike to shoot these guys in the sunset again

Tons more to come!


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Love the "teaser"; it's a pleaser. You must be addicted to these guys. Nice outing. Too bad we have to work! Don

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You're such a tease!!

Great looking light on these babies!!

Nice little blood patch in #2 and the look in the last is great!

Chad (who has ZERO snowie images)

Rob Tillyer
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Four great shots Tim. The teaser is my favourite, what great colours, fantastic light.
Can't wait for more.


Larry Williams
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Get them while you can. Super shots. Thank you.

Shiva dancing
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Wonderful captures, great lighting!

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A great set Tim. Love the light in all of these, but 4 does stand out ~ Ron

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beautiful set Tim. love the light and details.

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Tim, these are fantastic!! I got a question for you... You are hiking 4+ miles carrying an 800mm and a 1DX doesn't the weight bother you? Are you also carrying a monopod? What's your secret? Well done captures as well as carrying your gear there!

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Way to go Tim. Gorgeous light on these shots..All of them.

louie champan
Registered: Oct 18, 2011
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Terrific set Tim. We're finding them up north on the Skagit right now that is when the fog isn't so thick you can cut it.

Registered: Nov 19, 2012
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Super set Tim !

Herb Houghton
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Beautiful set Tim

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Outstanding set Tim !!!


Lil Judd
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Another beautiful set Tim

I'm so jealous I love Snowy Owls....

Now if Ross & I could only get well enough....


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Spectacular snowies!! Wish I was there this winter to see them.

David Leask
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Lovely shots Tim. I know it's easy to say but these are worth the trip ..... I'd do the same myself

Registered: Feb 20, 2011
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well worth the effort tim, these are really nice. the last shot is great. i am considering a 14-hour round trip drive to ottawa for the 3 great gray owls that have been there for the past 3 weeks. i have seen every other north american owl except great gray! girlfriend is away for work so i'm free to do it if i can handle the cold.......

keep the shots coming, these guys never get old.


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Tim, excellent set in gorgeous light.
Looking forward to see more.

Alan Dean
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Tim , a wonderful light show , much different than our usual Snowy images. I hope to make it to Boundary Bay on March 1st while passing through Vancouver on my way to Whistler . Alan

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