Pine Warbler

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Taken in Kaplan, LA a few weeks ago. C&C welcome.

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A real nice shot Kelly ~ Ron

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Thank you, Ron.

Larry Williams
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I find shooting Warblers a very valuable experience, something that I just love to do. Your Warbler is super.
The little stub of a branch by the Warbler's tail is a bit distracting. IMHO, if it were cloned out, the photo would even be super-plus,

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Very nice, sharp nice bg, I'd clone the branch stub and the whole tree on the right

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Thanks, guys! I never even thought about those distractions. I appreciate your advise.

Rob Tillyer
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Beautiful bird well photographed. Here's another vote for the clone.


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Nice looking warbler Kelly!

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Hi Kelly,

I love the vivid colors of this little guy. Excellent composition, great sharpness, beautiful creamy BG.

Incidentally, I checked out your website, and you have a lot of great pictures there. The site is very well done.

Dennis B.

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Wonderful shot Kelly ! Great lighting and background . Nice to see another from LA. on the board Very nice web site by the way.


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Great shot and great pose Kelly. These little ones won't stand still for you to get clean shot, and yours is so nice.


David Leask
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Beautiful shot Kelly, super colours and detail.

Lil Judd
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Beautiful shot Kelly,

clone or not - it's a beautiful shot.

I clone as little as possible.


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great job on the little warbler Kelly

Karl Witt
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The shot has a very pleasing impact, good angle, good exposure, pretty bird and that all is pleasing to the eye.

After first impression the rest is just areas to step back and evaluate at your comfort to see if there are changes that you would like to improve the presentation. For me what comes to mind more that the stub above the tail is the large area of lighter BG in front of the bird (the thick tree area). My focus goes more to the eye so I don't see the stub by the tail as much as the other larger area

Again, this is a great shot, C&C is my opinion or a polite suggestion for 'possible' improvement.

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Very, very nice image Kelly. The guys have given some options for your consideration, i always want to hear other people's perspective.
I do think its very well presented as is though.


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I didn't see the branch stub until someone wanted it removed, no need for that at all.

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beautiful image

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A beautiful Pine Warbler portrait, Kelly. Love the alert pose and sharp details.

Best Wishes,

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