IZAR from Costa Rica

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... 001 ...

... 002 ...

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... 005 ...

A Black and White version of 005

... 006 ...

Steady Hand
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I am posting a comment in your post because NO ONE else took the time to thank you for adding photos for us to view. I believe in "The Golden Rule" (treat others as you would like to be treated). It is "good karma" too.

Pretty model always helps a photo.

In this case, I think this model has shown good expressions in all the images, and you captured those well.

good job!


I also noticed three different models posted by you in the forum.

Was this a photo club model shoot?

Or was this photography (of the three models) for some commercial purpose (swimsuit company, etc.? )?

Dan Knowlton
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Absolutely beautiful!

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I don't care where she's from, she's stunning.
3 is the only one I'm not liking.

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Seem's like Costa Rica is the place to be!! Nice shot's, thanks for sharing!

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Pretty girl. Her skin is a little blotchy in #3 and could use some touch up.

As for the expression, the open mouth expression works well, but not for every single picture. Sometimes models think they know "their look", but it's the same in every image. Switch it up a bit by telling the model what to do and don't let them dictate the shoot.

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Oh dear God in heaven. She is drop dead gorgeous. I'm at a loss for words.
By the way 1, 2, and 4 are my picks. Nice job by you. Nicer job by her parents!

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Beautiful model with noticeable artistic skills , well captured photos. Like the expression on 002 but don't like the object being in the center, don't like her hair on her lips on 003. Great work overall.


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beautiful model, you are one lucky photographer. Great images too.

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She is lovely and the shots look great!

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Great variety of composition in your pictures. The images are really well lit too