FPJ - Summer Hols

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Hi - Happy New Year to you all.

Sort of lost my photo mojo a bit over the last few months but found a bit of it on our summer hols. Here are a few shots where I managed to find the light (The weather was very mixed)

Hope you like them, and thanks for looking.

#1 - Youngest son finally allowing himself to play in the waves (it took 9 days to get this close to the water)

#2 - Sand Angels

#3 - Looking for shells

#4 - Who me?

#5 - Seaweed anyone?

#6 - Morning Dip



Steady Hand
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Howdy Adam,

I see your photo post has had 150 views and no comments yet.

I enjoyed seeing the photos.

I also like your use of the wide format for this subject (beach).

From this set I particularly liked images 1, 3, and 6.

I like the unusual POV (or look to the figure) shown in image 3. Good focus there.

As a "beach photo" I like image 1, using the width and space with the child's figure in the scene.

So, I found these photos appealing, somewhat unusual (for what is usually posted here on FM) and nicely made.

Good job!

I also think you still have your mojo.

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I love looking for shells

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Thanks Steady - I've just noticed that photoucket has resized my photos somewhat and they don't appear as clear as I made them. Maybe they were too big

Here is a better link to one as a comparison


Barmy - thanks for the comment. I love the light in #3 too.

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Adam, I don't remember getting the invite to join you on a beach in New Zealand? Being in Chicago, even in a fairly mild winter, I could use a week or two on a beach in New Zealand.

I definitely think you got your mojo back. Really nice, artistic FPJ. Great job!

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nice set - I like 3 & 4

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I really like this set, Adam. I've seen a noticeable improvement in the last year or so. Some really cool comps here including the environment.


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Thanks for the encouragement guys.

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I love how you have captured the environment. It looks really nice.

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1 & (especially) 5 for me!

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^ What Ben said. Thanks for sharing Adam.