BEs @ LD14 1/01 (14)

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Bald Eagles from Lock and Dam 14 on the Mississippi River on 1/01. All shots Canon 5DIII + 500mm F4 Mk I.

Wes N.










#10 4-way fish fight, note the fish splash in the lower right.



#13 That DAMN DAM in the BG again!


Conrad Tan
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Awesome action Wes!

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It's lucky #13 for me. The image has a 3D look. Some great flight stuff, esp. #8.

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A very nice set in great light Wes. It's 3, 7, and 12 for me ~ Ron

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Great set! These eagles are very documented on here! Maybe we should start naming them. It was really nice to meet youbthatvday!

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Conrad, Don, Shreeni, Ron, - Thanks for the look and comments.

Kent - Thanks. It was nice meeting you as well.

Wes N.

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11 is absolutely great.

Thanks for sharing.

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Great job on these! Keep em' coming. Hope to run into you there, hopefully not in that icy parking lot!


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sweet job on the eagles Wes

Kenneth Farver
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these are great, thanks for sharing
looks like it was a good day to be there

Tim Kuhn
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Super duper Wes, you have a bunch of killer shots in this set Well done my friend!


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Good looking eagle set Wes. Well done.

Larry Williams
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Sure looks like you had a fun day. Hope to meet you for your next run.

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martines34, Mike, Kenny, Kenneth, Tim, Ken, Larry,

Thanks for the look and comments

Wes N.

David Leask
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Super action shots Wes, good job

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Excellent set wes....#3 #11 and #14 hits me at the right spot.

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Very nice work

Ted ellis
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Fantastic images Wes!

Were these taken at Lock/Dam 14?

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#3 and #13 are unique and expertly captured. Excellent light