Kayla and Kayla (NSFW)

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So I was asked by a client and friend of Kayla (who's name is also Kayla) to do a shoot with one of the setups being the same as my previous session with Kayla if that makes any sense haha. So although these look like my last set I posted, it was actually shot on New Years Day. These were all shot with the Fuji X-Pro 1 and 35mm f/1.4. I cannot wait till they release the 23 1.4.

I'm kind of in an awkward position right now as I prefer to shoot fashion and commercial looking shots but just found out that suicide girls wants to test me out as a possible future photographer for them. While I am honored, I'm torn as most of my paying clients are from senior pics, newborns, and e-sessions and don't really want to two worlds to collide because it can cost me some business. So now the juggling begins of promoting this new work but trying not to deter future clients who see this is, for lack of a better word, porn. All I know if I want to get paid and I want to produce beautiful shots no matter what I shoot so yea.. /rant. Happy New Years everyone!

1) She is wearing full heels but the heel was dark and the light didn't get picked up by it.

Kayla by ChrisG Photography, on Flickr


Kayla by ChrisG Photography, on Flickr







Kayla by ChrisG Photography, on Flickr

James Ramsey
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Nice, all I can say is NICE

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I think you'd better link to these images. Even though you've done the NSFW thing, some will object to them being visible without being linked.

Good job throughout, except for #7, which I find weaker than the rest.

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nudity needs to be linked!

Taff Dalling
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these are amazing

Fred Miranda
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Hi Chris,
Amazing work.
Nudes must be presented as "links".
I have edit your post and fixed this for you. Please edit your first post to view how I did it for future posts.

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Outstanding. Thanks for the explanation of the heels. I wasn't sure if they were dark or if she was balancing on very weird shoes. 4,5,6 & 8 are my favorites.

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Great series, she's gorgeous!

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Thanks and my apologies everyone. I'm a recent transplant from POTN and made the mistake of not reading the posting rules but I promise it won't happen again.

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I like the last one..........

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I also really appreciate the last one.

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Nice work.

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The other Kayla (is that #1 or #2?) is what makes these so outstanding. That is some of the most radical detailed and surrealistic body art work as exemplified in #6. Makes you wonder what her day job is?

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Thanks guys! Her and her boyfriend run a tattoo and body modification shop and her bf is one of the best modifiers in the country. They also go to different venues and shows for promotions.

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Great shots! Love the poses and the lighting and the crops. Very pretty girls and the post processing is subtle which suits the photos.

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Great work! Care to share how you lit these?

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Thanks again guys! I have the strobist info in the description in the links. but basically it was my Einstein with double diffused large octa as the key and then I occasionally used some speedlights either bare or shot through a scrim for fill or hair/rim. Let me know if anyone else has questions.

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#8 is rockin...beautiful eyes.

Marvin B
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Very nice set!

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the lighting on these is excellent...well done.

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