Skin like Gold

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Great MUA on this shoot.

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Great shots buddy!

On the first picture...the leaves are quite distracting.

If cropped from the left a quarter way in w/ the right pulled in til it reached the arm, it would yield a stronger focus.

Other than that, it looks nice.

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enjoyed the processing on #3

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This is so gorgeous, I love the posture and effects.

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You're not kidding, great skin!
I agree in regards to the leaves being a bit distracting in 1.
I really like 2, but the focus appears to be on her far side eye...
I don't think the pose/crop works in 3, but like the look and processing.
Don't care much for 4...


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#1 is my favorite. I would crop out the far right(wall). I my opinion that would make it a sronger image. Wonderful shots and makeup


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1 is my fav. Those leaves are the last thing i see!