Simply Studio System : Is anyone using it?

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Anyone using Simply Studio? If so, thoughts?

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I use it for a month during the trial. They got some good tools but they're not polished. Minor things didn't work well. Their payment schedule option for contracts was limited and wasn't customizable. My payment account never switch over to Paypal even after setting it to Paypal multiple times. They had some options for domains but there was no information or articles explaining it. Their knowledge database is very limited. Do I have to contact their mediocre customer service for everything? They have the basic features that will be useful for photographers. It just needs to be more polished and customizable. I believe they just implemented some new accounting features.

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Haven't heard of that one but I use and am happy with Tave.

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yea I did the beta testing a while ago before they released, and it was really buggy. It just UI just didn't make sense to me. I didn't like the way it was organized. But I haven't tried it since then, maybe they improved.