Skagit Bald Eagles - January 1, 2013

John Richter
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Hi All,

I'm not over here in the wildlife very often. A couple of us went to the Skagit River to shoot the eagles between Rockport and Marblemount here in WA. Not a lot of activity as the chum was low. We shot what we could in the few hours we were there. Unfortunately, most of my eagles in flight were flying away from me. Oh well, I shot them anyways. There are juveniles and adults.

I would like to know what your thoughts.



Shot with a T3i and 100-400L. Sometimes on a tripod, sometimes not.









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I like the last one best.

Thanks for sharing.

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#7 for me. Looks like you enjoyed the opportunity presented.

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Some roughed-up looking eagles here!

David Leask
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Nice set John. #7 is my pick of the bunch

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A nice set. My preference goes to number 4for the side light, followed by 6. I like this eagle on its green perch. 7 also is very good. You came back from your trip with fine pics.


John Richter
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Thanks, Everyone!

I appreciate you looking and choosing your favorites.


Tim Kuhn
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Hi John, that's a great area to find eagles but unfortunately the light is on the wrong side unless you are in a boat That said 6/7, 8 are the best to my eye. Sure looks like you had a nice day up there, something rare this season


Rob Tillyer
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I quite like 6 and 7 John, you got to love the setting.


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I love the light through the feathers in 2


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nicely done John .. the last two for me

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It's 7 for me too John ~ Ron

Conrad Tan
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Love em love em

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#6 and 7 for me. Great setting. You really need to see the face and eye to get a real keeper. Nice day Don

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100 mile post ? I like your habitat shots here, I was there a couple of days before you and did not get anything like this :-), you should be happy !

John Richter
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Thanks, Everyone! I'm glad you like them. I appreciate you choosing your favorites as well.


The ones in the water BG are probobly from MP 100. I didn't notice the mile marker. The habitat shots are from the bridge near Hoeard Miller State Park.