WA 534 vote closed

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Thanks to everyone who participated in the WA 534! (Theme 'Patterns in Nature')

Voting for this assignment is closed.
Congratulations to the top 5 winners! Thanks for being a part of the Weekly Assignments.

 Final vote status 

Votes result
smallrewards, Storm Sunset SeagullPollPollPoll11%
birdied, RufousPollPollPoll21%
beavens, Caiman ArmorPollPollPoll11%
mp356, Snow ShadowsPollPollPoll11%
James Markus, Finger PrintPollPollPoll00%
DougVaughn, Sliced MandarinPollPollPoll11%
JHut, Pattern on eggs?PollPollPoll11%
CPWarner, Patterns in StonePollPollPoll2112%
ruuskan, Icy patternsPollPollPoll11%
mananee, Peacock FeatherPollPollPoll53%
Fishit, Tall TreesPollPollPoll85%
chovan, flowers for the holiday seasonPollPollPoll11%
sailingpilot, Lines and swirlsPollPollPoll32%
GeorgieGirl, Coastal Rejuvenation PatternsPollPollPoll11%
sojumaster, PineconesPollPollPoll21%
Foggy14, Clearfin LionfishPollPollPoll42%
chets954, Perfect circles everytime!PollPollPoll53%
sbeme, Where Evil LiesPollPollPoll42%
erikburd, Windswept tree at Marin HeadlandsPollPollPoll21%
lookoutscout, Winter Sky And Snowy PatternsPollPollPoll32%
AGeoJO, Draping Spanish Moss at SunsetPollPollPoll21%
RustyBug, Year After Year ...PollPollPoll63%
Tom Harpstead, Palmetto BurstPollPollPoll3822%
normsmith, Cactus Pad in Christmas ColorsPollPollPoll32%
Jason Lang, Line AsternPollPollPoll00%
eager, PointlessPollPollPoll106%
leighton w, Berries in the SnowPollPollPoll11%
jhg photo, Meadow After DownpourPollPollPoll00%
rjs14, On Frozen PondPollPollPoll11%
Rick Joyce, Winter FencesPollPollPoll74%
15Bit, The leaf and the blightPollPollPoll00%
Pete A, Galia Melon SeedsPollPollPoll95%
Ted ellis, Needles & SnowPollPollPoll00%
georgms, birch bark...PollPollPoll74%
tfoltz, American White PelicanPollPollPoll42%
alicat, Swan Song---PollPollPoll21%
Klaus Priebe, FrostPollPollPoll1810%
Total Votes175100%

« Storm Sunset Seagull »
by smallrewards
1 vote

« Rufous »
by birdied
2 votes

« Caiman Armor »
by beavens
1 vote

« Snow Shadows »
by mp356
1 vote

« Finger Print »
by James Markus
0 vote

« Sliced Mandarin »
by DougVaughn
1 vote

« Pattern on eggs? »
by JHut
1 vote

« Patterns in Stone »
by CPWarner
21 votes

« Icy patterns »
by ruuskan
1 vote

« Peacock Feather »
by mananee
5 votes

« Tall Trees »
by Fishit
8 votes

« flowers for the holiday season »
by chovan
1 vote

« Lines and swirls »
by sailingpilot
3 votes

« Coastal Rejuvenation Patterns »
by GeorgieGirl
1 vote

« Pinecones »
by sojumaster
2 votes

« Clearfin Lionfish »
by Foggy14
4 votes

« Perfect circles everytime! »
by chets954
5 votes

« Where Evil Lies »
by sbeme
4 votes

« Windswept tree at Marin Headlands »
by erikburd
2 votes

« Winter Sky And Snowy Patterns »
by lookoutscout
3 votes

« Draping Spanish Moss at Sunset »
by AGeoJO
2 votes

« Year After Year ... »
by RustyBug
6 votes

« Palmetto Burst »
by Tom Harpstead
38 votes

« Cactus Pad in Christmas Colors »
by normsmith
3 votes

« Line Astern »
by Jason Lang
0 vote

« Pointless »
by eager
10 votes

« Berries in the Snow »
by leighton w
1 vote

« Meadow After Downpour »
by jhg photo
0 vote

« On Frozen Pond »
by rjs14
1 vote

« Winter Fences »
by Rick Joyce
7 votes

« The leaf and the blight »
by 15Bit
0 vote

« Galia Melon Seeds »
by Pete A
9 votes

« Needles & Snow »
by Ted ellis
0 vote

« birch bark... »
by georgms
7 votes

« American White Pelican »
by tfoltz
4 votes

« Swan Song--- »
by alicat
2 votes

« Frost »
by Klaus Priebe
18 votes

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WOW!!! Thanks to everyone for making this one of the most difficult WA choices in a LOOOONNNNG time. So many amazing photos.

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robertjm wrote:
WOW!!! Thanks to everyone for making this one of the most difficult WA choices in a LOOOONNNNG time. So many amazing photos.

Agreed! And what a great way to appreciate things like this that we usually don't take the time to notice. Great contest topic!