A series of Anglesey photographs

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Carrying on my previous "series" threads here's another set of photographs, this time of Anglesey

Menai bridge & snow-capped Snowdonia

Llanddwyn Island sunset

South Stack lighthouse

Penmon lighthouse and Puffin Island

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Nice set here.
I like 2 the most. The warm natural colours are really good and you chose a very good composition.
The last one seems to have a lot of artefacts in the foreground.


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More lovely shots from your beautiful country, Simon. I agree with Ute. #2 works best for me, as well. Can't wait to get back there.


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Hey Simon,

Sweet shots here. #2 is my favorite, but #4 is my next favorite followed by #3. I really like these, and while I know the watermarks seem to be a necessary evil, I do have to mention that yours seem a bit more intrusive into your shot and make the shots a lot harder to enjoy. Maybe a watermark that doesn't stretch across the whole shot? While a watermark can help shots from getting stolen, I think you still want people to view the beauty of your shots, and your current watermark, atleast for me, made it hard to view any one shot for more then a second or two.


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Great series. No. 2 is my favorite too.

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4 then 2. Very nice.

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I like them all, but #2 the most. #4 would be a close second....if it had a little more foreground it would have probably been my top pic. The smooth lighting of #2 is just very-very nice.
Thanks for sharing!