January 12th at L&D 14

Larry Williams
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On an annual basis, I provide grilled Hotdogs for the FMers that are shooting at L&D 14.

January 12, 2013 is the date for this year's event. I will provide either grilled hotdogs with condiments, hot spicy Chili, or both.

Cups and spoons will be provided along with napkins, etc.

Bring your own drink.

Hopefully, Burt and I will be lucky enough to find bait fish for the event.



Jude Perera
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Very cool idea Larry. Enjoy yourselves on 12th. Will be looking forward to see some of the captures of the event later.


Conrad Tan
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Gotta join in on the dog and eagle action one of these years my friend!!!!

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I'll be there good lord willing and if I get done with all today's edits. Keeper rate WAY up!

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Wish I could join.

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Sounds good Larry, I'll be seeing you and Burt there.

Wes N.

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Awesome. I will mark my calendar. Are hotdogs vegan Larry ?

Karl Witt
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Hmmm, I'll have a hot dog with chili please

January 12th will be a great day for eating, got anything else planned

I'm not coming, the bad weather follows me so I don't want to spoil it for anyone else!

Have a blast and that is most kind of you Larry

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Have a good time Larry!

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Mmmmmmmm, sounds yummy....... Do hotdogs float like bait fish? Great to see you there today Larry!!!!!!!!!!!


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I have to find out where this L&D 14 place is hiding. And free food to boot! Don

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So how are you going to cook the bait fish?? Have fun ~ Ron

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All of were wondering when SOON was (" Will post a date soon.")

I will again be providing my "signiture from the package choclate chip cookies"

Will most certainly again be one of the highlights of the 2012/2013 season.

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Keeper rate GOES way up without IS/VR, huh

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I've marked my calendar. Hope to be there and meet you guys.

Paul S

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Well I'm in. If it's free, it's for me.

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Larry -

Sounds great. It looks like I'll be making my first trek from MN to L&D 14.

I am looking forward to meeting the FM crew. Make the BDA trip a couple of years ago and loved it.