JrX + AB800 sync problems

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So I just got these 2 flash combos.. having a slight problem and hopefully someone can help me out.

I'm triggering this w/ a PX transmitter on top of an st-e2. My problem is, if I am pointing the camera in the location where a model would be.. i.e. right infront of the light... I get nothing but black. If I point it farther out to say 5-6 feet away from the original point, it works perfectly and exposes. It's obviously something with the sync but I have no idea what I am doing wrong.

Any ideas? The first few times I used this it worked fine.

edit: also, I'm shooting with a paul buff beauty dish

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Did you lower the shutter speed on your camera?

The PX -> JrX triggering costs a stop of shutter speed IIRC...so set it to 1/125 (if you're using a 5D, you should be down to 1/160 w/ studio strobe triggers because of of their bodies don't sync at the full 1/200th)...

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CoLmes wrote: ...I'm triggering this w/ a PX transmitter on top of an st-e2.

Why are you using the ST-E2 with AB800s? Are you also using a Speedlite?