Help with radio trigger

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I just upgraded to 2 new alien bees from some old Britek's I have a generic radio setup, but found it to be unreliable at times. I want something that is 1) reliable 2) can get a transmitter and 2 receivers for around $300. I do not need ttl or control for hot shoe flashes.

any suggestions?


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stanzel wrote: I just upgraded to 2 new alien bees...

One of these:

and two of these:

will get you started nicely. Very reliable, and 100% compatible with Alien Bees.

Michael White
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Go with. The new pocket wizard 3's. they not much more than your budget nd they're the standard for. Triggers

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Also look at Radiopopper JrX Studios...remote manual power control of bees and older hotshoe flashes. I noticed someone has a set in the buy/sell forum...

Brody LeBlanc
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Radiopopper JrX Studios or the Paul C. Buff products. I've been using the cybersynchs for ages and can't believe I havent busted them yet.

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another vote for the radiopopper jrx (studio). very reliable.
my only nits with them is that the transmitter adjusting knobs have no detent, so it can be hard to return quickly to a previous setting, and a little easy to disturb the setting without meaning to. and they use not-so-common batteries.

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I should add that with the CyberSyncs you can add a Cyber Commander at a later date as your budget allows, giving full remote control and strobe metering of the Alien Bees. The CC will work with the CS receivers.