Post your best Ring - Necked Pheasant

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I'll start this one off...

Tim Kuhn
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I'll play along David. Fine set of these in the snow, I would love to have a chance at that!


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7D 400mm ISO400 f5.6@ 1/180 sec

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Great shots guys keep em comin!

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Super stuff. Tim, that chin shot is super plus?!

Jonathan Huynh
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These are very nice.

Ernie Aubert
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Imagemaster, your #3 gets my prize! (Note: That's a "swell prize".)

David Leask
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Super thread!
Here are two of mine, different birds, different days - these guys are very common in Scotland


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Really nice shots everyone. Mine is less perfect but I like to play along.
It's my first and only one this year and I almost got a clean shot.

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Some super images on this thread!

When I saw the title of this post I thought "what's a ring necked pheasant"? Turns out it's what we just call a pheasant over this side of the pond.

Here's one from me:


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I haven't posted in quite a while but thought "hey I've got some of them" so here goes. In the first shot he got too close for me to include the tail.



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More great shots !!

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Hard to compete with whats been posted here. I find it difficult to get close to pheasants

A foggy setting

Running away as usual

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Fine shot in the fog with the difficult lighting

Ted ellis
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Dynamite images!!!!!

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Great shots all! I haven't seen, let alone photographed a pheasant since I was a child...and that was a long, long time ago! I hope one day I will get the chance as they are gorgeous birds. Thanks for posting these.

Mile High
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Super images! Would love to see one out in the open with a nice background.
Here's one of my shots:

Ring-necked Pheasant by Marco 5280, on Flickr

Karl Witt
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Well I wished I saw the males often enough to get some images but I did find this gal sitting tight hoping I would not see here

Gorgeous work here on the males!


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