Getting re-aquainted with an old friend (4)

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Tim Kuhn
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Either the weather has been lousy when I can get out or I have been too busy to get out and shoot since Thanksgiving. I was determined to get out over the Christmas break so when we had a couple of hours of sun I headed to a spot close by to see if I could find SOMETHING to photograph. I was also anxious to work with my 400mm 5.6 non IS that had been on loan for a while. It was just like getting back together with an old friend. I picked it up and from frame one we were working fine together. Damn that thing focuses fast!! Another great perk to using that over a super tele is that it doesn't attract anywhere near as much attention, I was able to shoot in peace without the usual "hey that's one heck of a camera" comments

So here you go, nothing fancy mind you, just some shots from a fun filled 2 hours.


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Very nice Tim. Nothing like an ole friend ! Great set.


Rob Tillyer
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Great to see you back in the swing Tim, #3 is my pick.


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Nothing like spending a day with a good old friend


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If Nikon made a 400 f/5.6 I'd have one.
Maybe a new friend one day.

Super cool poses on the Gulls, and the Mergie launch is a beauty and my favorite.

Looks like a beautiful day buddy, hoping it continues for my boys in the PNW.


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Everyone who has this lens seems to love it, and I guess this is why. #3 is fun; looks like antigravity.

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Nice quacker take off Tim. Your gulls are wonderful and nice to get reacquainted with an old to shoot with 800/2. It is light as a feather and I agree it is really fast.
Hope the weather improves or the ducks may just be in your front yard.

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Fantastic shootin' Tim. I feel the dreary pain.

I made an attempt to drive 2 hours to have a chance to just see snowy owls. Had a great time in the rain watching the sleepy visitors by myself for over 2 hours and just appreciated being in their presence until a guy with a longer lens than I dream of and his backpack helper felt they could make 5 of them go into flight. Grrrr. I was so bummed and really felt frustrated to know this is how some people do it. Well anyway I am over it and did get a nice couple shots but I don't feel comfortable making a post. It's just too against my beliefs.

Luv the runner #1 and the last is quite angelic.
Take care and hope we have a couple good days coming soon

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Old friend or not, you two were groovin'! Now it looks like you had some decent light too. Nice!


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lovely shots Tim .. the last two are my favorites

Cincy Bruce
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Nice set Tim. I just need the 1DX behind mine.


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Your friend didn't fail you! The bird's position for #2 is cool.

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Maybe nothing special, but still very nice Tim. 2 looks almost 3D ~ Ron

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Good work Tim. That is a nice lens.

Herb Houghton
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cool set Tim

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Really like those Gull shots Tim.


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Nice set, Tim. I do like the pose in #2 a lot.
And the last one is a real beauty.

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Nice work Tim!

Getting back together with old friends is always something special! You did your friend justice!

Happy New Year!


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Tim, very nice set! BeeBalm

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Very nice shots Tim. The 400mm is on my wish list.


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