Calming light before dusk

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Fred Miranda
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I'm still playing with some of the images taken during my last trip. This was my farewell shot as I said good bye to DV. Last light before the sun went down the hills.
Taken with a Canon 90 TS-E lens. Thanks for commenting!

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Hey Fred,

Wow! What a great parting shot. I love the dappled light on those ridges. Combining the dappled light with the stripes of color really makes for a shot that feels 3D. A great feeling of depth here. Great job here.


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Super shot. Great lighting.


Kee Woo Rhee
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I love the composition.
The light angle, clouds, and the rock ridges... they go together so well.
It is very sweet and pleasing.
Another wonderful shot!

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This is a beautiful image. Your processing is spectacular Fred!!

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well this is just stunning, and i agree with the above the processing is spot on

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Love the image... the layers of rock/cliff and the sweet light. Very nice!

ben egbert
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Fantastic shot.

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Yet another great shot, Fred. Great work.


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Amazing light, great job.

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Terrific, Fred. Interesting how the angle of the clouds seem to mimic that of the rocks.

Happy New Year,

Don George
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Excellent. The lighting is perfect. At times an image like this will be over saturated. This is dead on.

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Great light on the hills that still lead you up to the point, and the clouds are great. I hope the light is as nice when I go


Rob Tillyer
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Beautiful image Fred, the foreground rock structure is amazing, well set off by the light you captured.


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Terrific Fred!
cheers Andrew

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Beautiful Fred - the soft clouds and dappled light are very calming.


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Major drama in this shot, Fred.

I've never personally seen anything like it. That just doesn't happen in my part of the USA. Thanks for sharing. One of the best things about this forum is being able to vicariously travel the world.


David Leask
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Super shot Fred. I really like the rich colours and light here. Well done.

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That is a beautiful photo!

John Richter
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Wonderful light and contrast of the elements, Fred. Nice work.


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