Camera gear and misunderstandings

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I was going to video and photograph my son's Christmas performance at the mall today. I've realized that given recent tragic events, it may be a bad idea to bring my camera backpack and my video tripod (which is in a long black bag) into the mall.

Even out of its bag, the tripod is long, black, metal...which could be mistaken for something else at a distance...especially with folks on edge right now. I've decided to leave all the equipment at home this time.

Has anyone else had similar concerns or problems? Any thoughts on how to prevent misunderstandings?

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That's being overly paranoid. Bring your gear. It's fine.

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I'm with Ben on this one too. I shoot performances in malls all the time. There's a performance and parents always bring tripods, backpacks, flash brackets, etc etc. Nothing to worry about other than keeping up with the Jones'.

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I know the last time I did that, one of the mall cops asked me not to take video of the stores.

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Have you asked the facility management?


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I brought my gear there last year with no issues, but this time I just felt I left it behind this time and just enjoyed the performance without looking through a viewfinder. :-)

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The malls here are reluctant to allow photos of the stores, but you are only interested in the performance and it should not be a problem with their security.
I would not hesitate if it was my sons program.

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I agree with everyone else. I think it's just over-reacting to the tragic events, but to the extremes. There's nothing to worry about

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As soon as we change our lives to accommodate fear, these crazy people have won.

Paul Mo
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Sadly 'security' relishes its new found reach and we should fight their arbitrary rules vehemently. They're as psychotic as the other bunch.

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I agree with EBH. You should check with the mall, as most are private and not publicly owned, so may have their own rules about photography.