This girl is on fireee.. (23 images)

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That's the song she's walking in to. I wish more couples would just have fun like this, and fill their special day with love, laughter, and just don't stress over stupid stuff. The groom is a friend, the wedding is totally low budget, and this is my one free wedding of the year.

The timeline was also challenging as they got married when it's dark and didn't want to see each other before, so we did the 'no-look-first-look' thingy, and probably only had 10 minutes for bride and groom shots.

They wanted to do something with superhero shirts (not sure if they saw Tony's image somewhere or not) and this is the one shot I failed in execution. I set up 4 speedlights to backlit and was going to use the Einstein as a fill. My VML accidentally got switched on in the storage bag and died right as I took the shot, so I had to take one of the speedlights and use that as fill instead. Weather was also an issue as it was so cold and the ladies just wanted to get back inside, but in hindsight I should have kept trying until I get the shot I wanted.

The long exposure shot - I should have backlit the couple first to better highlight them.

More on the blog. C+C welcomed as always. Hope everyone is having a great holiday season!


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You've got some really nice shots here! My favorites are 8-12-13-14-18-19. #12 & 19 belong in the "epic" file!!

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Super gorgeous set. Love the lighting work in #20. Nicely done!

Mitch W
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Amazingly good!

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For me, I see flashes of brilliance with some disappointment sprinkled in.

For me the dark tones are far too heavy in a lot of these. It makes the photos look dreary. In general, the moments and composition are good on nearly all of these, though the processing could stand to be polished a bit. The problem photos here seem to be in the first half of the set.

I also would have left #21 out. That picture has been done thousands of times, only this time it kind of fell flat for you. I would have omitted this one and tried the shot again next time. #16 could be axed as well.

With all of that out of the way, 13, 14, 19 and 20 are very strong. Color, lighting, editing, are all spot on here. Very well done.

Nice set overall.

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Thanks for well thought-out the crit Jamie!

I agree #21 should be omitted. This is one of those where the clients are so much more enthusiastic about if after the fact that you included it just because.

I will say that the dark tones are by choice and I understand the argument either way. It's good to hear that (obviously) not everyone likes it. And that chapel WAS so dreary.

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11 is a nice moment.

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Farid - seriously dope set my man. You're one of my fav posters on here. Just love your stuff.
One very small critique is the slight tilt on many shots. On some it works really well but on others I don't think it helps the shot in any way.
I LOVE 3, 6, 11, 19, and 20 is the BOMB!
Awesome as always my friend.

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like: 2, 4, 5, 6, 10, 13, 14, 15, 18, 19,
dislike: 7 (needs better PP), 11 (again, PP is way off), 21, 22

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14, 15 19 & 20 are my favs. Thanks for sharing.

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Nice film like grain on #11

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Could you exlpain your setup for 13? How may lights did you use? Was everything backlit?

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thanks guys. interesting on the dislikes on #11.. I love that shot and I thought dark B&W was the only way to go.

#13 was just 2 speedlights on the ground turned slightly toward the camera's direction. The whole thing was setup and shot in literally 2 minutes since everyone was freezing haha.

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Lots of gold nuggets in here.

A few nuggets too in there too... unfortunately.

If you edited this post better it could have been up for one of my favourite posts of 2012.

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awesome set!!! You can definitely tell the couple and their friends are family are really fun people through these photos =D.

I actually really like 11 and the processing. The one I don't like as much is 20. The back light is nice, but I don't like how the lights on the couple is blue =X

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Soooooo good dood. My favorite has to be #19. More and more, I see Hoffer's style in ya... even down to the editing style. I can't wait to reunite the asian team next year.


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For 14, how to get the bokeh (left side) in front of the subject? Were you shooting thru a piece of glass?

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Good set overall, I'm sure they will be pleased.

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very nice, but my favorite is 20

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