Coyote Gulch

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Ben Horne
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Here's a photo I shot on my 4 day backpacking trip through Coyote Gulch. It was brutal lugging an 8x10 down into that canyon -- and this might be the only LF shot I ever take there. I know my limits, and this trip was certainly walking the line. If you want to check out my daily video journals from this trip, please visit my Youtube Channel

Kodak Ektar 100 8x10 | ~20 seconds @ f/45 | Nikkor 150mm SW | Ebony RW810

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Hey Ben,

What a cool shot, the flow of water is sweet. Carrying that LF around had to have been quite the pain. Maybe hiring pack animals next time would be the way to go?


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Beautiful image, Ben....if it helps at all, it was worth the effort (I know, thats easy for me to say!)
cheers Andrew

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Ben, beautiful image , your composition here is really excellent the shape and texture of the FG is mesmerizing. Regards, Dean

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Beautiful image. Love the colours and detail, especially in those rocks.

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Hi Ben,

Sounds like a difficult trip. Was this really the only picture you took during the trip? If so, it's a very impressive one. It seems like a perfect comination of great delicacy in the water and foliage and timeless rock formations. The soft light blends the two seamlessly.


David Patterson
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Agreed that it was worth it - at least for us - thanks for the continued sharing of adventures... highly entertaining and informative as always.

Kee Woo Rhee
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Oh, Boy! Breathtaking! Bravo.

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Absolutely gorgeous! Enjoyed watching your video also.

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The comp makes the shot... Great effort / image Ben

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Ben, I have it on good authority that Ansel did use pack animals... ;-)


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If you haven't already please post this image in the film thread on the Alt forum - its fantastic!

Fred Miranda
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They way you composed it flows very nicely Ben.
From the silky waters to the complementary colors in the back.

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This must become a cover shot, Ben. Fabulous image! You know, they do make a smaller version of your camera for backpacking.....I don't know how you carried camping gear and the big rig.

gordon l
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Lovely image. Hope you enjoy it for years to come.

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the pain we saw on your face at the campsite, does seem to of been worth it Ben!

beautiful shot.


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lovely shot

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This is an spectacular image. Congratulations. I think your great effort to get there was totally worth it and an inspiration to the rest of us.

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Outstanding, Ben.

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