NSFW - Sensor Size Comparison

Bruce n Philly
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Just for laughs only.....

I was out shooting Eagles at the dam the other day, and some novices were asking me and few folks about crop sensor lenses and zooms etc... so I whipped out a few graphics and posted a short description on my blog for amateurs.


Hope you enjoy it!!

Bruce in Philly



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I think you should always look directly into the eyes of a beautiful woman. All women are beautiful. YMMV.

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Based on your charts, I'd rather have APS-C sensors.

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BenV wrote:
Based on your charts, I'd rather have APS-C sensors.


Kent in SD

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I'm not seeing anything different regardless of the sensor used...

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The FF sensors appear to be smaller than the image. The first image seems blurry as if it were upscaled.


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Do you mean upscaled or uplifted!!!

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Based on the samples, the APS-C crops look quite good at distance, but living with them up close is unsatisfactory.

Bruce n Philly
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Yes WTLLOYD, you need a sensor that you can live with.

Not an easy selection task as you never know how this stuff performs under pressure. Over the years, I found that even though the crop sensor can get you in closer, it doesn't mean that it is actually better there. As you pros know, it is not about overall length and width, but density plays a factor. Those crop factor sensors get you in close but you all know about the annoying noise they make.

I tend to love my full sensor 5D Mk II. I need a sensor I can wake up to and still feel good about what it can do for me.

Bruce in Philly

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We're there sensor comparisons? I missed that.

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Sensor...I didn't see no stinkin sensor!

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Dummy me, I bought a full frame.

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That's actually the new APS-DD sensor you have shown here.

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Using you samples, I think most guys would be happy with a CX (2.7x) size Sensor.
I would prefer to use FX (FullFrame) in Portrait mode.