WA 531 vote closed

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Thanks to everyone who participated in the WA 531! (Theme 'Hands')

Voting for this assignment is closed.
Congratulations to the top 5 winners! Thanks for being a part of the Weekly Assignments.

 Final vote status 

Votes result
prasanna, Unlimited Power...PollPollPoll74%
Foggy14, In Search of WarmthPollPollPoll11%
sojumaster, Raking in the winning hand.PollPollPoll00%
Mado, Many handsPollPollPoll95%
sailingpilot, Hands Off, Hands On...PollPollPoll00%
mrchile, Hands at WorkPollPollPoll32%
JHut, Handie ArmchairPollPollPoll32%
douter, Praying HandsPollPollPoll4426%
mark1958, HOT HAND!PollPollPoll00%
Travis Rhoads, Idle HandsPollPollPoll11%
Roland Jenkins, All is not lost...PollPollPoll11%
gregfountain, Hand OutPollPollPoll32%
Klaus Priebe, The Power In Our HandsPollPollPoll42%
CDalessandro, Holding handsPollPollPoll00%
Psychic1, Soaring...PollPollPoll00%
rjs14, Hands downPollPollPoll64%
DougVaughn, Street PerformerPollPollPoll64%
Vipermike, LiberatorPollPollPoll2917%
svassh, Hand Me That WrenchPollPollPoll00%
phoenix7gtm, Hands around the tablePollPollPoll00%
Jason Lang, Small hands, small worldPollPollPoll21%
bouchto, 531: New Life in Caring HandsPollPollPoll42%
rotorwash4944, Still Friends...PollPollPoll3521%
mananee, "Homework Do-Over"PollPollPoll21%
Hightraxx, All hands on deckPollPollPoll53%
normsmith, 14 Hands but ...PollPollPoll32%
alicat, Handy WorkPollPollPoll11%
Total Votes169100%

« Unlimited Power... »
by prasanna
7 votes

« In Search of Warmth »
by Foggy14
1 vote

« Raking in the winning hand. »
by sojumaster
0 vote

« Many hands »
by Mado
9 votes

« Hands Off, Hands On... »
by sailingpilot
0 vote

« Hands at Work »
by mrchile
3 votes

« Handie Armchair »
by JHut
3 votes

« Praying Hands »
by douter
44 votes

by mark1958
0 vote

« Idle Hands »
by Travis Rhoads
1 vote

« All is not lost... »
by Roland Jenkins
1 vote

« Hand Out »
by gregfountain
3 votes

« The Power In Our Hands »
by Klaus Priebe
4 votes

« Holding hands »
by CDalessandro
0 vote

« Soaring... »
by Psychic1
0 vote

« Hands down »
by rjs14
6 votes

« Street Performer »
by DougVaughn
6 votes

« Liberator »
by Vipermike
29 votes

« Hand Me That Wrench »
by svassh
0 vote

« Hands around the table »
by phoenix7gtm
0 vote

« Small hands, small world »
by Jason Lang
2 votes

« 531: New Life in Caring Hands »
by bouchto
4 votes

« Still Friends... »
by rotorwash4944
35 votes

« "Homework Do-Over" »
by mananee
2 votes

« All hands on deck »
by Hightraxx
5 votes

« 14 Hands but ... »
by normsmith
3 votes

« Handy Work »
by alicat
1 vote

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Wow, everybody loves this subject Great entries!

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Can someone help me with a technical issue? I'm trying to link an image for WA 532, but it keeps saying that "EXIF data was expected in image" even though I've manually entered the EXIF data (Lightroom wiped it) and reuploaded the image with the manual EXIF data. Why are the EXIF rules such a pain? Can't we just tell our exposure settings manually?