Ever gone through old photos and found shots you completely forgot that you took?

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When I was in Hong Kong, I took this one from the peak. I didn't have a tripod at the time so this was done wide open (f/2.8) bracing against a guardrail.

You can open the original size if you really want to see how blurry the image originally was, but I'm happy it was salvageable. The first time I tried to process this, I think I was a little dejected at how poorly the original RAW file came out, but I'm definitely getting better at looking at an image and knowing what needs to be done to "fix" it now

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Cool shot. I have been doing that now. Going through stuff that i shot when i didn't have lightroom/photoshop. I have 1.7T of files from over the years and I always find some neat. The bigger issues is when i find a cool picture and realize it was taken with my D100 or worse my old Sony before that and I don't have the res to do anything with it.

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very cool photo, I've also gone through old photos and forgot about some photos. It feels good

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I've gone back and salvaged a few pictures years later when RAW conversion and my PS skills have improved.

Adam Bavier
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This summer, I went through and processed a bunch of photos from a 2005 trip to Glacier National Park that were taken with my 6MP Fuji S7000. Not a DSLR, but I found right before the trip that it could take raw and after processing them with Lightroom 4 I'm super happy I took them all in raw. I could only get 60 files a card, and had to download them frequently to a portable drive, but years later, I'm glad I went through the effort.

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Yes and I've found plenty that I wish I could go back and shoot again.

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It's a pretty shot with nice colors -- defintely worth saving and working on.

As raw converters continue to improve, you will find that old, noisy, blurry shots seem to get better with age. What was once a rejected deject (or is it a dejected reject?) can often be salvaged with today's tools.

Also using PS filters and / or 3rd party plugins will salvage the shot, giving it a unique (artsy?) look. And as you say, as your skills improve, you can turn a pig's ear into a silk purse...

That's why I don't toss any of my images....