Led + camera = Compass DISCOVERY !!!

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My name is Maciej I not represent any company
I'm not spammer

I wait for Canon or Nikon company ( I need support engineer and tool ) I started in October

first 24 h test ( 6 oclock ,12:00 ,18:00, 24:oo)

first I made Earth's speed around sun 30 km/s ( 2.5 miles / sec ) = 30 000 000 mm /s

led move with Earth but light signal that "WAS SENT ! WAS !!! " Not move with Earth around Sun

( light has zero mass or small mass )

Luminous Intensity is different when You make picture 30 km/s
compare to 220 km/s - Earth and Sun around galactica center

( the same led - the same energy but not the same distance in the same time )

dark filtre is very important

I would like to start cooperate with Canon /Nikon
( my first picture I made Nikon 5000 but I'm open for better
test with Canon

On page I also show link to up sky automotive light system ( patent link )
( I also want to test my own new laser
system - we will be able use up sky signal in day )

all info about my discovery ( and why I call it discovery )