Bison and a couple of firsts (8)

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Tim Kuhn
Registered: Nov 29, 2006
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An assortment of Bison and 2 birds that are quite common but they were still firsts for me. All from Yellowstone


Tim Kuhn
Registered: Nov 29, 2006
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Country: United States

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Very cool set, Tim. Looks like you had a great trip! #1and #4 are my picks. Good stuff!


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Lovely set Tim. Super birdie shots. Mr. Mud is my pick of the bison.

Thomas Sanders
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Was hoping for more from your trip bro and these sure don't dissapoint

on the 2 firsts especially the Townsend's

Lovey comp for 3 and throw in a freaking rainbow..............priceless

#4 is all business and you sure conveyed the mood here Tim

The muddy spike is way cool. Do they roll around in the mud for fun or for the bugs?

Beautiful country and another beautiful image of this wonderful place!

Watching the behavior in 7 and 8 was a thrill I'm betting and the DOF treatment for the last frame is stunning my friend

More YSNP goodness bro


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Man these are spectacular I really see what I have been missing all these years...what beautiful vistas and a rainbow to must be livin' right my friend.
I know they didn't totally go extinct but the last shot reminds me of the opening in Jurassic Park where they see the dinosaurs for the first time around the would be pretty cool for me to witness bison this way.

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Bison with a rainbow is unique and very well done Tim. Iím also fond of the photo after with the bison filling the frame


Mark Cronin
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Outstanding Tim,
Congrats on the firsts.

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What a beautiful set Tim ! Love the little birdies , great shots and congratulations on your firsts .
The bison shots are wonderful. Love seeing the landscapes . The rainbow is certainly very unique in that shot. Love the muddy bison. Can't wait to see more.


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Tim, I really like the splash of color from the rainbow contrasting the less colorful winter range. Proof that keeping the camera close at hand pays good dividends.

- jim

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Congrats on your firsts, Tim! This is a beautiful set with some spectacular vistas and that rainbow is a nice touch. Well done!
4 and 6 are my favorites.

Karl Witt
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Just lovely!

You don't miss much buddy, you got the little ground hoppers and the massive ground pounders!

The land/animal scopes are beauties Tim, nice take on a wide look of things
I happen to find #4 astounding in the range of the darker hues, well done sir!


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Love this set, Tim. My kind of stuff! I would love to find a Redpoll. I hear we have them around here this year.

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Little tiny birdies and great big quadrupeds -- I can see you have not lost your flexibility. There's a lot to see up there -- it must have been a great trip. Thanks for showing these!

Charlie Shugart
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A terrific set, Tim.
I agree that Yellowstone is a special place.
A small info nit: I'm pretty sure (but not 100% positive) that isn't mud on the bison. They have dust wallows that they roll around in. All the wallows I've seen were a white dust. Made from exactly what mineral, I'm not sure, but I've seen the big bruisers dust themselves all over, and when they're done, they look just like in your image. It's my favorite shot- in any case.

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no picks here Tim .. it's a very nice set

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Great collection of shots Tim. I love them all - especially the last shot. It's nice to see the habitat as well.


David Leask
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Sweet set Tim. Keep them coming from your YS trip

Ted ellis
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Beautiful collection of pictures Tim. Have fun. Hope to see more.

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Very nice set, Tim.
#4 is great and I particularly like the last three landscapes with the bisons in it.
Sure looks like a very cool place the visit.

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