Sunset at Dead Horse Point

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After posting the sunrise shot from Dead Horse I thought I'd post a sunset shot also. Sorry to have bombarded you with too many Dead Horse pictures lately! I sort of like this though.

Thanks for looking!

ben egbert
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That light on the left side foreground rocks is great. Overall, I think I liked the sunrise shot better however. But this is still a great image.

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Lovely image and wonderful composition and details in rocks and desert. I could wish that the upper right corner was not so blown out - is it possible to recover any of that with a highlights adjustment or similar?


Henry W
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Too many? No such thing.
Great capture.

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Beautiful image. Love the light and composition!!!!

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Hey Craig,

That is one really cool location you have there. I am with Dan, I think you could recover just a bit more from the highlight areas.

But I will say, it does do a good job of the view of shooting or looking into the sun like that. This by no means is an easy shot. And there are a few different ways that it could have been handled. I think your choice would look good in print, but you will need to print it to see.

I look forward to getting up there and shooting with you in the spring time.