Rajan Parrikar
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Daybreak in south Iceland. More in my blog post.

5D Mark III + TS-E 17L -


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Love the vastness of the photo and the colors in the clouds.


Vern Dewit
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Awesome shot! Love the pink sky and blue ice. The 4x4 adds a sense of scale.

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Beautiful. Stark yet so colorful. I like that you've included the car in such a prominent place.


Shiva dancing
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Awesome - great colors, and I like very much the balance/symmetry of your framing.

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Wow! That is a MAJOR view beautifully captured.

Rajan Parrikar
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Thank you, all. The shot wasn't pre-planned, but when my eyes saw what lay in front of them, it all came together.

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That is insane!! Love it.

gordon l
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Very wild landscape indeed!

Looks like south Iceland is the warm part of the country.


Scott Kroeker
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Excellent random photo!

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Love this, as well. Nice scale with the vehicle.

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A beautiful image. Great work!


Fred Miranda
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The car makes this shot for me. The contrast in size and the colors are very effective.