Breaking Dawn

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I don't think there's anyplace more beautiful than here at dawn. Just my opinion of course.

Thanks for looking!

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Wow fantastic colors. There's so much to see in this scene. Nice capture!


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The photo really makes me want to be there right now. Nice job.

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Beautiful shot. I'm guessing that we are somewhere near Moab.

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Wow Craig, this is just incredibly super! You have taken some great photos, but this one is going to rank up at the top of my favorite shots of yours.


Bryan Mordt
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Awesome spot and inspiring image!


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I think I would have to agree!
I can feel the crisp morning air!
Love the colors & depth


ben egbert
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Another fantastic shot of Deadhorse. Does not look like the standard place to stand, I really need to get back there and explore a bit.

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Wait. What?! Wheres Kristen Stewart?

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That's one wicked shot!!!

Scott Kroeker
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Now that is a grandscape landscape image! Love it!

Fred Miranda
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I can only imagine how amazing this would look in a big print..
Superb light!

Henry W
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ckcarr wrote:
I don't think there's anyplace more beautiful than here at dawn.

Wow. What a capture.

I couldn't agree more about Dead Horse at dawn.
It is the image on my business card.

David Leask
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Yep, this location is right up there Craig. Great shot with wonderful light. Well done.

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The splashes of light scattered throughout this image is delightful. Beautifully done, Craig.


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Thanks so much everyone! It was a spectacular morning.

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Very nice shot! A lot of times here people post images of places that im sure have that wow factor when you are there and the view is amazing but that does not always translates to the bidimentional medium of photography and specially at the sizes posted in this and other forums but the image you posted captures the majestic quality of the place and the light plus its contextualized enough that one can imagine one being there.

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Wow, simply fantastic. Wish I could think of an original superlative to add to what has been said above, but I can't. This is just one of the nicest images of the southwest I can recall; it brings everything together.


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Amazing capture! Puts me in my happy place this morning..... thanks! ;o)

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