The Unloved Dog.

Chris Fawkes
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I saw this lone dog wandering around Venice. I wonder do homeless animals yearn for the love of a human that other animals receive?

Do animals have self esteem and know what it feels like to be unloved?

Perhaps for some it is better to have never experienced the emotional connection with people only to at some point have it taken away.

I always remember seeing a dog getting dumped in the city of Cork in Ireland. A car simply pulled up on the side of the road and the dog was put out then the car drove away.

The dog didn't understand as it tried to chase it's owners until it could no longer do so. I wondered what went through the mind of that dog that night, the confusion and fear. When would it realize it was simply no longer wanted.

I still remember what it felt like watching that dog desperately running after the car motivated by a loyalty and a deep love for it's owners that would never be reciprocated.

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Might be going beyond the point of animal reasoning, but nice sentiments, and good capture, though a landscape orientation might better show the emotion drwn through the photo.

Fred Meebley
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I like the comp, it makes the dog look very small and alone in a big world. I think it conveys your message well.

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good shot, in a perfect world the perspective would be correct, but a T/S isn't exactly convenient.

going to give my pup a big hug tonight when I finally get home from work

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Your thoughts and the lump in my throat that they produced are why all our dogs have been rescued dogs. They are the best companions!

Chris Fawkes
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Thanks guys.

I think we get more emotional over animals than humans sometimes.

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I think that animals (dogs in particular) are similar to children, in that they look to us for leadership, protection, and care - rewarding us with their affection. Both are generally helpless and dependent upon adults - which makes them vulnerable. Unfortunately, some of those adults either don't have the wherewithall to care for them or worse view them as a tool to get out their frustrations.

My dogs have always been rescues as well, and my current rottie mix came from the streets of Philadelphia, and could have easily met a horrific fate had she been found by the wrong people.

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Your story is heartbreaking. Our 3-year-old boxer, Nico, was 48 hours from being put down in a shelter when he was rescued. We adopted him last April from the group that rescued him. He is the light of my life. Love him to bits. I won't talk about irresponsible humans who have no regard for animal beings. Nice photo of a sad occurrence.

Tom K.
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A powerful image. It evokes emotion. That's important in photography.