My first visit to the Eureka Dunes

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First few from my brief visit to the Eureka Dunes, somewhere I have wanted to go for a long time.

Eureka Dunes from Dedeckera Canyon by Kurt Lawson, on Flickr

Sands and Shadows (Death Vally photo #300) by Kurt Lawson, on Flickr

Backlit Foothills of Sand by Kurt Lawson, on Flickr

Soft Sand Avalanches by Kurt Lawson, on Flickr

Seems a magical place to me. And it's a good place to get a workout climbing 700 feet of sand with 30 pounds of camera gear! Comments always welcome.


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Hey Kurt,

What a nice series from Eureka Dunes. #2 is my favorite here, though I would crop off the very bottom losing that bit of grass along the bottom. #4 is a pretty cool abstract.


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Good play with shadows and light imitating motion Kurt.

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Nice shots! I'll be there in January. I can't wait. I keep seeing Death Valley pictures and its just giving me a ton of stoke

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Really nice. I think #1 and #2 are my favorites.

How was the road into the dunes? When I looked last year it was in poor condition and I decided not to take truck camper and missed seeing the dunes.

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My favorite pile of sand on this planet!

Love the shadows in the second image!

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Very nicely done, Looks like a great location. I'll echo Jim's comment. #2 is my top choice, as well. I really like the variety of dunes from bottom to top. I also favor cropping out the grass.


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Thanks for the comments everybody!

The road from big pine was clear and of course pavement until you hit the west side of Eureka Valley. From there to the dunes it was freshly graded, perfectly flat road. The road onward from the first campsite gets bumpy, then deep sand, then starts a bumpy climb up to Steel Pass. At least when I went, I could have gotten to the Eureka Dunes in my old Corolla. You just have to check road conditions since it seems the road across the valley is subject to washouts and the pass is subject to snow. The road was closed heading east of Eureka road.

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Some excellent shots - nice to see the road is open, when we were at Big Pine in September it had washed out and consequently closed.

Fred Miranda
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I don't see any footsteps! Awesome.
I really like the series. My favorite is the second one.
Thanks for sharing!

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This one I feel gives a good sense of how enormous these dunes are:

An awesome sense of scale by Kurt Lawson, on Flickr