Looking for tips to achieve a similar effect

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Looking to do a fun shoot this weekend and I really liked this post processing. How do you think it was done? Thanks for the help! I'm pretty new to Photoshop, at least some of the more advance stuff. I can't just look at a photo and figure it out.Thanks!


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As far as I can see, there was not much extreme post-processing done to that image.

The blacks were shifted dark gray. You can do this by using something like Curves and pulling the blacks end of the curve up by 25-30 (out of 255) or 10-12 (out of 100).

There is a slight tinting to the image that could be achieved by pulling up the reds slightly in Curves and pulling down the blues slightly. That effect is subtle, though, and is probably influenced by the light of the shot.

Don't underestimate how much the conditions of the actual shoot also influence the "look". The lighting was soft here, there were plenty of dark shadows captured (so the pulled-up blacks/faux film-look is apparent), everything but the subject was dark or out-of-focus, and there was a gorgeous model.

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The image that you linked to doesn't seem to be PS intensive ... as Dennis has pointed out.

There are several of the others in the photostream, however that are, and they vary somewhat. Is the linked image, the only one you are asking about, or was that just the path to the others as well?

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On the image before the one you linked he offers tutorials.