A Narrow Reflection

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From one of my ventures into the gorge with the 4x5. Some parts of it are so peaceful and cool I didn't need the color to get the feeling across.

Ebony SV45u, Delta 100 BW neg film, Probably a Rodenstock 90mm.

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Lovely image. The ilford delta film is fantastic

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I recognize that area (I couldn't guess your previous Zion post boulder location)

I really like the BW. The line between the 2 vertical rock faces plays tricks in your mind. After staring at it for a while I almost can't tell which one overlaps the other. Pretty trippy


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Hey Jeffrey,

Your choice of B&W works. The Narrows is a cool place, and you worked the light pretty nice here.


Fred Miranda
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Beautiful tones on the vertical rocks Jeffrey. The reflected foreground leads to that contrast line between them.
Love it.

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Great capture! The reflection is perfect!


Scott Kroeker
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Can only image the detail this image! Beautiful!

Brad Williams
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Excellent Photo Jeffery! The B&W is done perfectly!

You have a nice optical illusion going on there. My eyes keep flipping the canyon walls back and fourth as to which one is in front of the other.

Nice Work!

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Hi Jeffrey,

Nice work with the 4x5! I like the hard edges, the tonal range and the reflection, very much. How are you scanning these?


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Thanks everyone!


I've been using a wet mount system on my Epson v700 flatbed. There's a good learning curve and a bit of work to setup each one, but the results are better.

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very nice