Snapseed (Nik Software) for Android and iOS

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For anyone interested, Snapseed (made by Nik Software, there name might be easily recognizable) is now available (and free) for Android and iOS.

It's easily the best photo editing app available, it's incredible how easy to use and powerful this app is. I use it when I'm out traveling and want to immediately edit my photos to upload to FB or send em to my family when a computer isn't readily available. Anywho, I'm overly excited, just thought I'd share it with you guys.

Sorry I don't have an iOS link.


its not a new 'hipster' Instagram, its just for photo editing.

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Snapseed is currently causing me some torment - I just spent a few weeks in Europe with only an ipad and camera connect kit for early editing and viewing of my D800 photos. I mostly used Snapseed for the editing.

Now that I'm home with some real hardware to PP on, I'm having difficulty achieving results in Lightroom that I like as much as the ipad/snapseed results for the same photos!

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The phone cam is so lousy a sledge hammer could only be an improvement. Things look lousy even at 2x2. Last summer I tok a snap of a friend. I sent the photo to a couple other friends. One wrote back asking what that "big purplish flower" was.

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I love this app

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I tried snapseed some time ago and was very disappointed that I could not edit images full-screen on an iPad. Why should edits have to be done to small images ? At least it is free now.

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Alan321 wrote:
I tried snapseed some time ago and was very disappointed that I could not edit images full-screen on an iPad.

Is that still the case? I was thinking about downloading it, but probably won't now.

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It seems snapseed is not available for pc desktop- is this true?

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I have the pc version installed, but they have stopped updating; Google is currently aiming at taking the crown of tablet nondestructive imaging editing apps. That can partly explain why Adobe has been scared shitless since the worldwide pc shipment had peaked a few years back. May I boldly infer that DSLR as we know is on its way out and lose its meaning as a historical image-making device?