What is your favorite paper for B&W portraits?

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I am starting to move into B&W portraits for the first time and I am trying to find the best paper for my prints. What are your favorites?

I started with Inkpress Matte 60 and it looks pretty good, but I don't really have a basis for comparison. FWIW, I'm printing on a Canon PIXMA Pro 100 (dye based printer).

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Usual advice:
Get a sample pack.
Try a pack from Atlex.com, Red River, others.
I dont do much portraiture and I am not happy with what I have been able to do with mat papers.
My go to paper for color and BW is Epson Exhibition Fiber, working with an Epson printer.

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I was shooting B&W negative film in the studio in Chicago, years ago. Shooting the models and printing 11x14, then the enlarger projected it onto real photo paper. Wonderful results that way. It is calling me back. Why make B&W from digital?